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Posted Fri, April 1, 2011 5:14pm EDT

Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson & Lea Michele — Do You Prefer These Divas Skinny Or Curvy? Vote!

These hot singers have all — even at different sizes! Which way do you like them best?

Lean or full-figured? Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Lea Michele and other great singers sound great either way. But weight changes definitely change their image. Many singers slim down to help their career. Glee star Lea has been looked skinny since her profile was raised due to the show. Meanwhile, Jennifer Hudson has inspired women all over the country with her weight loss — but her fiancé admits he prefers her curvy!

Many other artists are still able to succeed after ditching their pin-thin bods. Britney has embraced her larger size, still entertaining fans all over the world with her dynamic curves. Kelly Clarkson is able to rock shows even with a little extra. And Jessica has proven that being a sexy mogul has nothing to do with your figure!

Check out our gallery of the sexiest skinny and full-figured singers  — and let us know whether you prefer them pin-thin or curvy!

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