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Posted Mon, October 18, 2010 8:47am EDT

'Sister Wives' Finale: Bonnie Warns Kody Brown — Your Wedding To Fourth Wife Robyn Is Setting Off A Family Feud!

Tension BOILED above the surface during the two-part ‘wedding’ season finale of TLC’s controversial and engrossing Sister Wives on Oct. 17.

Kody Brown‘s first three wives “said” they were thrilled that the husband they’ve shared for 16 years was now taking a younger (she’s 30), skinnier and prettier fourth wife, Robyn. But their true feelings couldn’t be masked in front of the camera, no matter how much the other longterm wives — No. 1 Meri, No. 2 Janelle and No. 3 Christine — tried.

Christine had a meltdown when she learned Kody and Robyn secretly picked out Robyn’s wedding dress, Meri forced Robyn to take “family” wedding photos in a brown funereal- looking  outfit instead of her wedding dress, and all three wives were miffed when Robyn voted for Kody’s flavor for the wedding cake.

Janelle shared her sad tale of how she had a tiny wedding since her non-polygamist family disowned her for marrying Kody, and Christine groused about how a fourth-wife wedding should REALLY have been a small, quiet affair — not the big made-for-reality-TV bash it became. Maybe that’s why depressing brown was chosen as the color all three “older” wives wore to Robyn’s wedding – for them it was a sort of funeral.

To top if all off, Meri, who has admitted to jealousy issues in previous episodes, even admitted she wished it was HER wedding night, as she helped Kody fix his bowtie. Meanwhile, über-husband Kody couldn’t wipe his “pig-in-s**t” smile off his face all night, as he prepped for his big day… and his big NIGHT.

If his sexual excitement couldn’t be hidden from the cameras, there’s NO WAY his other three wives weren’t feeling it.

And while Christine was the most willing to let her passive-aggressive anger erupt, you couldn’t blame her: Kody was courting the foxy Robyn all through through Christine’s pregnancy with her sixth child for Kody! Could his timing have been any less sensitive?

While wives 1-3 disagreed over whether Robyn deserved her fourth night on Kody’s “schedule” before her wedding night, she’ll definitely be getting it now!

If TLC orders a second season, I predict you’ll be watching, the sister wives actually behaving like teen sisters — except the fighting won’t be over sharing clothes. It’ll be an all-out cat fight for Kody!

Kody, invest in a referee uniform NOW!


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Watch the sister wives shop for Robyn’s wedding dress:

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Watch footage from Kody and Robyn’s wedding reception:

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