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Posted Fri, October 15, 2010 10:12am EDT

Bonnie Says: 'Sister Wives' Go On 'Oprah'! They Say- “We Don't Do “Anything Weird” Like Threesomes! But Oprah Doesn't Ask Enough Tough Questions!

One hour of being grilled by Oprah, on Oct. 14, wasn’t enough time to answer the BIGGIE questions. How does ONE man satisfy FOUR women sexually and emotionally?  Has there really never been a giant catfight or two?

The wives #1 Meri, #2 Janelle. #3 Christine and #4 Robyn, relentlessly kept to their script — that they love the companionship of three other wives and 16 kids.

“It’s wanting the sisterhood, the companionship. It’s more than just a life with one guy,” wife #3 Christine asserted, explaining their life / love choice.

“This makes you stronger, it rubs off your rough spots,” insisted another wife.

While wife #3 Christine was the most aggressive about defending their decision to live in a polygamist family, you couldn’t help feeling a little like” the lady doth protest too much.”

Somehow the prospect that you wouldn’t have to make the entire Christmas dinner yourself — “it’s fun to do it all together” — and that there’s always someone to babysit the kids, didn’t really sound like a convincing enough reason to only have a quarter of your husbands’ time.

The Browns revealed that  husband Kody has a sleep schedule. Inside their giant house, the wives each have their own individual apartment for themselves and their own kids.

“We each have one bedroom and Kody is welcome in each one- ALONE !’ one wife insisted.

Each wife has one on one monogamous sex with Kody. Some key questions that Oprah didn’t ask: What if he is tired one night and can’t perform- does the wife of that night get upset? Can she get a ‘do IT -over?’

What if one wife is ovulating and wants to get pregnant, but it’s not her night with Kody?- Can she switch nights? What if she isn’t in the mood and it’s her night- can she switch?

Does Kody ever get tired of satisfying four women? How does he cope when his four wives are all PMSing at once? Do the wives NEVER fight? Doesn’t that seem abnormal? Does no one ever take “sides?

Oprah didn’t touch ANY of these biggies. What we did find out is that all the existing wives have to like an incoming wife and sign off on her joining the marriage. If they didn’t agree “it wouldn’t just be difficult,” Kody wisely pointed out, “It would be HELL!”

I came away from Oprah’s interview with the impression that wife #1, Meri,  is a long-suffering masochist. She introduced Kody to wife #2 Janelle and INITIATED the relationship with wife #4, Robyn. She actually gave Kody the idea that he should MARRY Robyn. “When we left that night (the one Kody met Robyn at Meri’s cousin’s house) I said ‘we might be thinking about it.”

Is she nuts? Maybe, she is.

She’s also the only one to sincerely admit to jealousies and the only one to lose her job since her polygamist lifestyle has become public.

“I worked in the mental health community and losing my job actually made me really sad because I loved my job,” Meri admitted and started to cry on the show.

I had to wonder if she somehow had some weird guilt because she suffered from infertility and has produced only one daughter for Kody. Is she like Abraham’s first infertile wife Sarah, who gave Abraham her handmaidens to produce children for him?

It wouldn’t surprise me since so much is weird about this clan.

But one thing that all the Browns admit to – they sincerely believe in a double standard. One woman having four husbands is NOT acceptable to them- “That’s not something we believe in,”  they said. Though Oprah didn’t press them on why.

My jury is still out on whether Kody actually has a good deal. He doesn’t seem to be a super hands-on dad to his 13 children and 3 step-children. Each mother appears to substantially raise her own kids.

He certainly gets to have sex with four different women. But these women, especially wife #3, are pretty assertive.

Even if he’s horny, I think he’s still henpecked!

Here, more highlights from Oprah!

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