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Posted Mon, November 22, 2010 1:15pm EDT

Bonnie Says: 'Sister Wives' Kody Brown Sets Off A Vicious Wife Cat fight, During His 11-Day Honeymoon With Robyn!

Meow! The claws were on full display as three jealous wives were neglected at home while polygamist Kody took new wife Robyn on a romantic honeymoon.

Whoa! There was no holding back the furious left-behind Sister Wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, who fumed out loud when Kody left them with the 16 kids, on the  Sister Wives honeymoon special, Nov. 21.

“We struggle with the fact that Kody’s taking 11 days on his honeymoon with Robyn,” admitted wife #2 Janelle. “I perceive any time he spends with Robyn as cutting into our time together.”

Clueless Kody told the cameras that his “other” wives were comfortable with new wives, just not girlfriends. He has to be pushed to call home by  Robyn who fortunately does have a sensitivity chip — he thought he’d wait a couple of days.

So while Kody snuggled, hugged, kissed and gamboled for the cameras on his San Diego beach vacation, Meri, Janelle, and Christine lashed out. “We’ve been married for 20 years and I only got a three day vacation with him — “I want to be just as important,” Meri admitted. “We struggle with the fact she gets a bigger, better wedding and honeymoon,” points out Janelle.

And yes Kody, you RIPPED your other wives off, compared to Robyn. They all got road trip honeymoons — Robyn got a fancy suite and beach vacation.

Christine, wife #3, tells the other two older wives “I’m much more comfortable with Kody’s relationship with you guys, than his relationship with Robyn.” Janelle, wife 32, refuses to talk to Kody on the phone for several days and consoles herself with her belief that she has a special “best friend” relationship with him.

Christine thinks it’s “stinking ridiculous” that she misses Kody at all. Like it shouldn’t be normal to miss your husband and father of your six children. Don’t forget that Christine was pregnant and gave birth to daughter, Truly, while Kody courted Robyn.

Kody spends most of the episode pointing out that other animals like rhinos and lions are polygamists too — like that makes it fair to the three wives he’s not panting over like he does with Robyn.

At least Christine manages to get back at “her” as she refers to Robyn, when the sister wives go shopping post honeymoon. In the dressing room she calls Robyn — “flat!”

Way to go Christine!

–Bonnie Fuller


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