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Posted Mon, March 14, 2011 11:07am EDT

Bonnie Says: Sister Wives' Kody Brown, You're A Fame Whore! You Loved Going Public On Show Premiere!

Sister Wives’ Kody Brown, you could barely contain your giddiness in the show, about appearing on the Today Show, despite your children’s fears about being ousted as polygamists.

I’m beginning to think that Kody Brown is just a plain and simple narcissist after watching the Sister Wives‘ premiere on Mar. 13.

The season opens with the family going public in two major ways that really call into question their sensitivity ,or complete lack thereof, to their sixteen children.

It appears that Kody’s three older wives have stopped sniping against newcomer fourth wife, Robyn, in order to focus on — FAME! Kody is bubbling about going to NYC where he and his harem will be interviewed about their polygamist lifestyle and show. He and his wives — Meri, #1, Janelle, #2, Christina, #3, and Robyn, #4, have strangely decided that this is now the perfect time to send almost their entire brood to public school for the first time — where they will most certainly and sadly be teased for being polygamist kids.

Kody, are you thick as a brick? Or simply so insensitive about the feelings of the children you fathered that you would doubly torture your kids? Any normal parent of a teen — let alone several — knows how tough it is to be “different.” You’ve deliberately chosen to reveal your alternative lifestyle on Sister Wives, then were excited about revealing it on The Today Show, on virtually your kids’ first day of non-polygamy school!

It seems clear that it is fame, not faith, that is motivating you right now.

As for being a dedicated dad to your brood, it’s also clear on the show that your sixteen kids are each more attached to their individual moms, who appear to do all the childcaring and raising tasks, than they are to you. You are barely ever seen helping or hanging with your kids.

Instead, Kody, you LOVE LOVE LOVE NYC! However, it is hilarious that when your big moment comes to chat with Meredith Vieira – you freeze!

When Meredith asks you — “Why did you become a polygamist, especially since you didn’t grow up as one?” You had a frozen moment when you groped for an answer and finally responded, “it’s faith-based!”

Well Kody, I think you struggled for an answer because your polygamy has more to do with your horniness than getting into heaven.

Come on Kody, why is fornicating with multiple “wives” necessary for getting into the heavenly kingdom? If it is, Charlie Sheen is coming with you!

I think you’ve finally reached heaven on earth — first with four different women who allow you to bed hop, and now with reality TV fortune and mostly FAME!

— Bonnie Fuller

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