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Posted Mon, October 4, 2010 12:25pm EDT

Bonnie Asks: Why Did Kody Take A 4th Wife After 16 Years? Why Don’t The Other Wives hate Her & How Do The Browns Afford Their Lifestyle?

Sister Wives burning questions! Kody Brown, his four wives and 16 kids have about as many mysteries on TLC’s new series as we were treated to on Lost.

Mystery #1! Why after 16 years and three long term wivesMeri, 39, Janelle, 40, Christine, 37 — is Kody Brown suddenly courting again? And why did first and only legal wife Meri, introduce Kody to Robyn, 31, the woman who will become sister wife #4? There’s no explanation for why Kody, 42, a salesman, who clearly already leads a hyper-busy life already, (servicing three wives and giving love and attention to thirteen kids from a newborn baby girl to teens) would feel the need to take on another woman who’s divorced and has three young children.

Does he have sexual urges that need satiating and would the wives rather he fooled around within the family, than without? Or is it a religious necessity to keep on taking more wives?

Mystery #2: How do the Browns afford their polygamist lifestyle? This one is a huge headscratcher — they have a custom-built gigantic house with separate living areas for each wife and her kids, they have numerous cars including a Lexus, they’ve rented a new separate house for the fourth “wife,” Robyn, there are 16 kids to feed, clothe and put through college — how do they afford it? There’s no discussion of finances on the show or indication of any severe budgeting and Kody talks about wanting even more kids. Yet there’s no way that Kody can work overtime AND he has date nights with each of his wives … expensive!

Mystery #3: Does Kody — as well as sharing the bedroom of his four wives — ALSO have his own separate bedroom? It sure looks like he does. In last night’s episode, he went into “his room” to pack for his trip to court soon-to-be wife, Robyn!

Mystery #4: How did this quintet — Kody and his four wives — hide (until now) their lifestyle from the outside world. He and three of his wives work. Do their bosses and co-workers know nothing about them? Did Kody until now only take first wife Meri out when he has to go to “functions” in the outside world? Or did they only socialize with other polygamists?

Mystery #5: What’s really in it for the women? And why wouldn’t they consider being a polygamist family with one wife and multiple husbands? Why is polygamy only for families headed by a man? And what happens to the “other” polygamist-born men who have to compete for wives, i.e., there must be a shortage of women if one man can hoard four wives for  himself?

Mystery #6: Why would Kody chose now, to court and prepare to marry , a fourth wife, when  Christine is pregnant and about to deliver a baby girl? Isn’t that highly insensitive of Kody? He’s not around, while she’s prepping a baby nursery. Couldn’t he have held back, pursuing another wife at least until after she gave birth?

Mystery #7: Why don’t Kody’s three wives HATE wife #4 Robyn? Christine does seem to have some issues with her- not surprisingly. Or at least be honest that they’re hating her. There’s clearly passive-aggressive hating going on.

“You’re replacing your family and kids with Robyn and her kids!”

“Now things are unbalanced!”

“I’m glad he’s getting a trophy wife!”

“I’m panicking — I thought it was horrible (Kody courting Robyn) — I totally felt like I lost my best friend.”

These are just some of the comments the first three wives, had to say about the fourth, on last night’s episode.

Sorry Kody — you may say “in the lifestyle we’ve chosen — the more, the merrier,” but I’m not buying that your wives are truly believers!

–Bonnie Fuller

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