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Posted Mon, May 23, 2011 11:19am EDT

'Sister Wives' Kody Brown Is Deaf To His Children's Pleas To NOT Force Them To Move!

Kody Brown and his four wives traded living in polygamist peace for reality TV fame and in the latest episode, his 16 children are wrenched tearfully from their home and friends, after begging to stay at least until the school year is finished!

No one forced Sister Wives Kody Brown and wives Meri, Jenelle, Christine, and Robyn, to sign up for the TLC tv show , Sister Wives, exposing their illegal lifestyle. But while it’s true that as their son Logan, 15, said on last night’s episode, May 22, that they aren’t “stealing or murdering” anyone, going on TV did flaunt their polygamy in the face of Utah authorities. Now, Kody is being investigated by the Utah County  prosecutors’ office.

Kody and his sister wives knew that was a risk when they decided to film their show AND as well to go on the Today show, Oprah and Joy Behar.

But they selfishly didn’t think through how TV fame and fortune, could have painful repercussions on their children who are about to get uprooted from home, on just three days notice.

In last week’s episode Kody informed his oldest five children- all teens- that their world was about to turn upside down, and they all burst into tears. Now he waits until three days before the planned move, to inform the others.

Not surprisingly, those who were old enough to understand what their father has just told them, begin to cry.

Then to make matters worse, Kody orders them all to be silent about the move from Lehi, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada. They can’t tell anybody the heartbreaking news that they’re moving. That means no friends, school mates or teachers. No one. They can’t even have loving good-byes with BFFs!

Not even eldest daughter Mariah’s pleading has any affect on Kody. Mariah is so torn up that she has written a full list of reasons of why she at least should be allowed to stay and finish out the school year.

Even Mariah’s sister Madison and brother, Logan, back up their sis. They point out that she really had a hard time already when she once tried public school and that she had to return to polygamist church school.

Mariah,15, is crying as she reads of all of the reasons including the school dance in two weeks, that her father should allow her to finish off the school year in Lehi . It seems a reasonable request that lots of parents in a similar situation would consider. It’s damaging academically to pull high schoolers out from school mid-year and surely there is a relative Mariah could stay with for a few months. Especially since Mariah has high hopes of entering  the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, an infamously tough college to get into , but Kody is adamant – who cares about her feelings and academic ambitions!!!

“I understand the importance of your social and spiritual network but I don’t feel comfortable indulging you until you 18,” he tells her. He says God has given him the responsibility to keep her in his house until she’s 18, graduated and even married.

Puhleeze Kody! Did God also give you the responsibility to go on national TV and do a reality show? Because now your children have to help you pack up in a panic, leave most of their belongings behind, along with all their friends and move into a one- month rental. The family has found no permanent Las Vegas digs yet. They will be uprooted once again.

Panic is the theme of the episode, along with tears. Kody and second wife Jenelle are freaked out that Kody will be hauled off to jail since he’s being investigated for polygamy.

They decide to leave their home filled with possessions in order to get on the road. Three flat tires and a full day later, they have finally made the six- hour trip.

Kody wonders if God is giving him a sign that he shouldn’t move and honestly, the car mishaps are so weird, you have to wonder.

Nevertheless, the family finally sees the lights of Las Vegas and Kody is practically “raptured.” “Las Vegas is my Plymouth Rock,” Kody tells us. “It’s a sound, safe place for religious freedom. All I want is religious freedom.”

Now, Kody, despite what you’re saying- POLYGAMY IS ILLEGAL in every state! Even Nevada! The state of Utah doesn’t normally prosecute families for polygamy any more unless they suspect child abuse, domestic violence or fraud, according to the state website.

Kody- it was only because YOU and your family have starred in a TV show, that you embarrassed them into  investigating.

That’s why the episode closed with your sixteen children looking forlorn in their Las Vegas rental.

It wasn’t because you were unwitting victims of religious persecution. What do you think Hollywoodlifers?

–Bonnie Fuller

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