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Posted Tue, September 28, 2010 12:10pm EDT

OMG! The 'Sister Wives' Family Is Fighting Back Against Being Investigated For Bigamy!

Uh-oh! Kody Brown & his four may be facing felony charges quite soon, but they knew “there would be risks” from the get-go!

Someone’s about to get busted! The stars of of TLC’s new reality series Sister Wives, which follows Kody Brown‘s polygamist family, are under investigation on charges of felony bigamy. “We are disappointed in the announcement of an investigation,” the Brown family said. “But when we decided to do this show, we knew there would be risks. But for the sake of our family, and most importantly, our kids, we felt it was a risk worth taking.”

The investigation actually began prior to the show’s Sept. 26 premiere, so producers reached out to the police in Lehi, Utah, to find out if filming the family would land them in trouble. “They called us and said, ‘Hey, are you going to shut us down?'” says Scott Troxel, a spokesman for the attorney general.

Law officials claimed not to have enough man power to look into those guilty of polygamy unless there were marked incidents of child abuse or child trafficking.

Unfortunately now that the show has debuted, the crime is out there in the open and bringing more awareness to the family.

“Right now, we’re not closing the door,” the spokesman continues. “At the conclusion of the investigation, the evidence will be forwarded to the Utah County Attorney’s Office for review and possible prosecution.”

WOW! What do you think, BFFs? Should Kody’s family be brought up on charges of felony bigamy? Vote below!

– Lindsey DiMattina