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Posted Thu, April 22, 2010 11:54am EDT

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! 'Shrek Forever After' Stars Cameron Diaz – 'I'm Just Like Fiona' And Mike Myers- 'I Get To Hang Out With Donkey!'

Ever wanted to know what Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers love about starring in kids films? Check out what these celebs had to say on the green carpet at Shrek’s premiere in NYC!

Shrek Forever After kicked off The Tribeca Film Festival Apr. 21 at the Ziegfeld theater in NYC and the star-studded cast couldn’t wait to talk to their biggest fans … the kids! The stars of the film Cameron Diaz, Mike Meyers, Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas were all in a huge rush on the very festive green carpet but they couldn’t wait to tell some of the kid reporters about their favorite books and what they love about Shrek!

After four installments of Shrek — Cameron who voices Princess Fiona can’t get enough of her character! “I love being Fiona and how she’s grown over the past ten years,” she says. “She’s  learned to accept herself .”

Cameron even admits she and Princess Fiona have a lot in common! “Fiona is a nurturer and she loves to have the people she cherishes the most, close to her,” she says. “And that’s the most important thing to her … is family and friends. I realize I have that very much in common with her and those are the most important things to me as well.”

Mike Myers who voices lead character Shrek , who is hubby to Princess Fiona tells reporters he thinks playing the ogre is the best gig in town! “I get to hang out with Donky [Eddie Murphy] and Puss and Boots [Antonio Banderas] and Fiona,” he says. “I love play time. I’m 46-years-old that’s four shy of half a century!”

Did you ever wonder what Cameron read when she was a kid? You’ll never guess what she said! “When I was 11, ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ that was my thing.”

The festival’s founder Robert DeNiro even stopped by to tell the kids that his favorite book to read as a teen was  “‘Catcher in the Rye’ and my favorite animation film was Animal Farm!”

Shrek Forever After opens May. 21 and is the first Shrek film in 3-D!

-Chloe Melas


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