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Posted Fri, October 8, 2010 3:58pm EDT

SHOCKING PHOTOS! See How 'Teen Mom' Stars Went From Frumpy To Sexy!

In two short years, MTV’s Teen Mom starlets have gone from pregnant and schleppy to thin and glamorous!

When MTV’s 16 and Pregnant first aired in 2009, the show’s stars were miserable, puffy and very much about to pop. In only two years, the four leading girls have gone from being confused and upset 16-year-olds to more mature, slightly glamorous mothers. It’s unbelievable — the photos show it all!

  • Maci Bookout, 19, gave birth to her baby boy, Bentley, nearly two years ago. While in high school in Nashville, Tenn., Maci earned good grades, but was transferred to an accelerated school when she got pregnant with her then-boyfriend, Ryan Edwards. After delivering Bentley, Maci was accepted to community college, but struggled handling it all because Ryan never helped out as a father. Flash forward two years and Maci’s thriving. She’s dating a boy named Kyle King, 22, who she wants to marry. She’s working toward a degree in journalism and is hoping to write a book about teen pregnancy.
  • Amber Portwood, 20, is one of the most infamous Teen Moms. She became pregnant with her boyfriend, Gary Shirley, and gave birth to a little girl named Leah. Although Amber and Gary were engaged, they began fighting incessantly after their daughter was born — in fact, Amber actually hit Gary during one of their screaming matches. Since then, the couple has tried to reconcile numerous times and have devoted time to anger management and therapy. Amber has also lost more than 60 pounds!
  • Farrah Abraham, 19, is from Council Bluffs, Iowa and had a baby girl, Sophia, with her boyfriend, Derek Underwood.  She’s had the most tragic existence out of the Teen Moms.  Derek tragically died in a car accident when he was 18, leaving her alone with her crazy mom, Deborah Danielson, to take care of the baby. One night, Deborah and Farrah got into a fight and Deborah hit her. When the police arrived, Deborah was holding a knife in her hand and was arrested. Farrah didn’t press charges on her mom and they are working on their issues in therapy.
  • Catelynn Lowell, 18, has a unique experience as a teen mom. From a small town in Michigan, Catelynn was the responsible member of her family — and when she became pregnant at 16 with her boyfriend, Tyler Baltierra, decided to give her baby up for adoption. Her mother is an irrational alcoholic and was upset at her for giving up the child. Tyler and Catelynn have the healthiest relationship out of all the show’s stars, but they’ve gone through their ups and downs. Currently they are both finishing high school and plan to attend college before they tie the knot.

Can YOU believe how much the Teen Moms have changed in the past two years? Who’s transformation is most impressive?

–Kirstin Benson & Nicole Fukuoka