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Do Brad & Angelina Want To Turn Shiloh Into A Boy?

Brangelina—what are you doing to poor Shiloh Jolie-Pitt?

Your 3 1/2-year-old daughter is getting dressed in boys clothes so often by you that the New York Post even described her today as your “son.” And no wonder. She was photographed in daddy Brad Pitt‘s arms, heading in to the Broadway show, Mary Poppins, on Jan. 3, wearing a boy’s (literally) Burton ski cap and black puffy jacket.

In recent photos she’s been decked out in a fedora, tie, camouflage pants, boy vest, pirate sword, navy knit skull and crossbones hat, black jeans, gray jackets, black and white skull socks and sneakers. Even the stuffed animal she carries is blue.

Never ever is Shiloh dolled up in anything remotely girlish. Her blond hair is hidden under hats or left unbrushed and pushed to the side of her face.

Her sister Zahara Jolie-Pitt, however, is allowed to have her girly touches. HER Mary Poppins hair was pulled into a purple barrette and a pretty bracelets escaped from under the arm of her coat.

And you’re not dressing your little boys like girls!

So Brad and so Angelina—what’s up with the cross-gender dressing for Shiloh? Did YOU both want another boy, not a girl? Maddox and Pax weren’t enough? Aren’t you worried that you’re going to confuse little Shiloh? Give her gender identity issues? Isn’t it hard enough to grow up without your parents dressing you like the opposite sex?

A shrink says yes.

“Angelina has said she was bisexual in public—this is her bisexuality coming through. She’s saying “I’m not going to teach my daughter gender—let her pick, believes psychologist, Dr. David Eigen.

But will it confuse her? “Yes,” says Dr. Eigen. “She is being guided into a bisexual role. Her mother is projecting this onto this particular child—she has chosen her as her favorite. I think this is an issue.” Such an issue that Shiloh is already insisting she be called by a boy’s name, “John.” Brad apparently told Oprah that Shiloh insists on being called “John, I’m John,” he explained, “It’s a Peter Pan thing.”

Peter Pan Thing, my ahem! Brad, does Shiloh even know what the color pink is? Has she even seen it? Why do you let little Shiloh be dressed this way?

“All I can say is that Brad must be whipped if he allows this,” believes Dr. Eigen.

Wow! Brad you’re whipped! Now, come on—time to get up your gumption for the sake of your daughter and let her be a girl, if she wants to be.

–Bonnie Fuller


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Posted at 8:59 PM on February 19, 2015  

What the hell? Ok, first of all. I don’t think you know what bisexual means. It has nothing to do with gender. It is a sexual orientation just like any other. Dressing their child how their child wants to be dressed has nothing to do with this. Next, if he wants to let people know that his name is John, then let people know! Also, for the poll, why is there no option for “Let the boy dress how they want, without being labeled a ‘tomboy’, or a girl in boy’s clothing. You are just despicable.

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Posted at 5:31 PM on February 12, 2015  

Wow. This is horrible. To me, it seems like Brad and Angelina are just letting their child do what she wants to do. If she wants to wear suits and pirate outfits, that’s perfectly fine. You, on the other hand, don’t seem to realize that Shiloh’s parents aren’t forcing her to do anything. It’s like you can’t understand why a girl would want to wear “boys” clothing. You’re the one trying to force a child into a restrictive gender role, regardless of want she wants.

As for the psychologist…What a load of crap. It’s impossible to make somebody bisexual. Even if it was, cross-dressing will have no impact on sexual orientation. Nor will it “confuse” a child. Sure, maybe Shiloh might be confused why so many people want to put her into a dress. But that’s people like you that want are causing that confusion. Heck, a few centuries ago, the color pink was a “manly” color. The whole idea of “gender” is just something society makes up. Girls don’t naturally enjoy the color pink, and it’s obvious that Shiloh doesn’t. There’s no need to force it on her.

And really, I don’t think anybody wants to trust the psychologist who considers “femininity” to mean incapable of rational thought. He’s sexist and has no understanding of gender or sexual orientation. I’m not surprised that he puts the full blame on Angelina, a woman, for Shiloh’s clothing.

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Posted at 11:09 AM on February 12, 2015  

Wow, I never comment on online articles but this was such a disgusting, cringeworthy read that I had to say something. It shocks me, Bonnie, that you could actually write such hateful things not just about a person, but about an 8 year old child in the year 2014. Your views on gender, sexuality, and even colors (“has Shiloh ever even seen the color pink?” Really? You think the entirety of the essence female gender can be defined by a single color on the color spectrum?) are so offensively backwards and dated that I’m surprised to find your article published on a website that isn’t geocities.

The thing I find absolutely hilarious about your article is how desperately you try to frame it as Angelina and Brad forcing their will on their poor child, when all of the evidence points to the exact opposite: that John dresses the way he does because he himself wants it, and Angelina and Brad are being nothing but supportive of letting him be who he wants to be. You try so pathetically hard to frame your story in a way to criticize their parenting, when anyone with a modicum of sense and empathy for this child can read between the lines and see that they’re doing right by John and that Angelina and Brad’s parenting should be applauded.

It makes me very, very happy that John has the loving and accepting parents that he does, that allow him to be exactly who he wants to be. In fact, it pains me to think about all the unnecessary suffering and mental anguish he would have gone through if he had been raised by parents with views as closed-minded and hateful as your own.

I hope for your own sake you re-examine your views on gender, sexuality, and letting others be who they want. If I lived my life with the views you have, views rooted in hate and fear and petty judgment, I would see the world as such a hateful place and be such a hateful human being in turn.

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Posted at 2:20 AM on February 11, 2015  

Okay to all the morons commenting on this, first off YES the author could have phrased this better. But I myself find it sick that you idiots always praise the “more unfortunate” gender/race/ethnicity/orientation. It doesn’t matter, liberals always side with the miniority. And as a Bi woman, it is sickening. I am bisexual! And even I believe that what these people are doing to their child is SICK!! It’s not “cool” or “trendy” or “forward” to be gay or lesbian or bi or trans! It is a PAINFUL life! One filled with prejudice and hatred! What kind of LOVING parent would EVER wish for their child to go through life dealing with that?! This article is accurate, she CHOSE for her daughter to act and dress like this. Do you think at five freaking years old I knew I liked women?! NO!!! Because at five I wasnt interested in ANY gender! I wanted to wear boys clothes all the time as a kid! Why wouldn’t i! They’re way more comfortable than girls clothes! My parents didn’t encourage that! And guess what? I grew up and realized I enjoy dressing as a “woman”! If my parents encouraged it not only would I be living a life that i didn’t choose but id be living one filled with judgement by others. My parents, like normal caring ones, chose to encourage me to live a hurt free life. You people always pathetically defend the LGBTQ community like you know so much, it always looks over compensated! YOU DONT KNOW!!! You have NO idea what life for us is like, quit chiming in as if you did!!!

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Posted at 8:29 AM on February 11, 2015  

Actually, most of the comments section have been transgender people themselves so I think we know what we’re talking about better than you do. We know that this life is painful and difficult, trust me we know. We know better than you do because you are not transgender and we are. Don’t think for a second you’re the be all end all of this entire community, and don’t think you can speak over the voices of transgender people.
This life is painful but I can say from experience, if my mother would have been as supporting as Mrs. Jolie is, I would be way happier now. Of course I get ridiculed and made fun of, I’ve been threatened and yelled out endlessly, but NONE of that will change who I am, and even with all of the pain, I’m happier and more comfortable living as myself than as the lie I was raised to be.

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