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Posted Mon, January 10, 2011 9:58am EDT

Bonnie Says: Sarah Palin Calls Kate Gosselin A 'Country Mouse' & Reveals How She'll Announce a Run for Prez

Oh Sarah: Say it isn’t so! You and TLC totally need to renew your crazily entertaining series, ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska.’

Sarah didn’t completely reveal whether she’ll run for the Presidency in 2012, but she gave hints all season on Sarah Palin’s Alaska and now we know that when she makes her final decision it will be announced by her favorite Anchorage morning radio team, Bob and Mark on 106.5 KWHL. She promised DJs Bob and Mark on her finale show last night, Jan. 9, that they will get to announce her decision, either way.

That ‘mavericky’ way to tell the world such HUGE news fits perfectly with the down-home, anti-diva persona that Sarah worked relentlessly to portray on her eight-episode reality show!

The final hour was the best yet, filled with Sarah at her most entertaining . She and her dad dissed Kate Gosselin, she got all misty-eyed romantic over Todd, she bizarrely jogged and campaigned at the same time, brushed her teeth for the camera AND proudly crowed that the word she invented “refudiate”  became  the #2 most searched term on Google.

It was a two-hour finale of Palin unleashed. She didn’t hold back from digging right back at her critics. “Some headlines talk about what a diva I am and we just crack up: It’s all diva, all the time up here in Alaska”, she retorts as she sits outside her tent, while the family is camping and hunting for gold in the Alaskan town of Nome.

She pokes fun at environmentalists. “People say man’s activities interfere with animals but here is wildlife enjoying man’s activities,” she laughs as she points out sea lions lolling on a sea buoy.

Sarah gets right down and directly declares her personal and family mantras. “Life is competition!” she shouts. “Our family always has healthy family competition” she gleefully explains, as the girls and guys divide into two teams to pan for gold.

I had to high five her when she bluntly told 16 year- old Willow to go out and get a job and buy her own car after Willow pesters her repeatedly to get her one.

The former Gov gets most worked up when she proudly announces that it’s a “big darn deal” that her made up word “refudiate” is a hot search. “The English language is living, breathing and evolving. I can make up a word – IT GETS THE LIBERALS ALL WEE-WEED UP!”

Personally, I got more wee-weed up when she and her dad, Chuck, giggled and dug into Kate Gosselin AGAIN. They replay film of Kate arriving for her disastrous camping trip: “Are you kidding me? Isn’t the lodge more fun?” the mom of eight whined.

The pair made it clear they loved her kids but Kate who they christened , “the city mouse”, not so much. “You’ve got to give it the old college try!” summed up Sarah, about how Kate skedaddled out of an overnight tent stay with the Palins.

We also learn that “sweat” is Sarah’s “sanity!” She has to run or work out every day, she announces. Guess she and Michelle Obama actually have something in common, despite the infamous dessert dig she lobbed at the First Lady in an earlier episode.  Later she and a hard -core Alaskan logger laugh over how “logging beats the hell out of pilates as a workout!”. Sarah’s probably hoping liberals get all wee weed over that one too.

Finally, Sarah makes her announcement about how she’ll  announce her Presidential run. But she better watch out, because if she breaks her promise to break the big news with morning team Bob and Mark at 106.5 Anchorage radio, they’re going to give her a ‘nugie’!

–Bonnie Fuller


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