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Posted Fri, April 29, 2011 7:48pm EDT

Royal Wedding Snub! Queen Elizabeth Disses Camilla On-Camera!

It was a brilliant day of celebration for Prince William and Kate Middleton, but Queen Elizabeth II wasn’t ready to share her joy with daughter-in-law Camilla Parker Bowles.

This morning the world watched as celebrities, dignitaries, friends, family and VIP guests filtered into Westminster Abbey to see Prince William, 28, marry  Kate Middleton, 29. While smiles and friendly greetings were passed around, Queen Elizabeth II let it be known she still hasn’t accepted Camilla Parker Bowles as part of the Royal family.

After Prince Charles and Camilla arrived, they waited inside the foyer of the church to greet the Queen and Prince Phillip. As Queen Elizabeth II entered, she had a few words with a member of the church who was standing to Camilla’s right. Avoiding eye contact with her, the Queen turned away from the church member and went straight for Prince Charles on Camilla’s left. Only after she greeted Charles was she forced to face Camilla.

While Camilla went to give the Queen a kiss, she was stopped short by the Queen’s rigid stance, stiff smile and extended hand forcing Camilla to opt for an awkward curtsy instead. Then, the Queen took two large steps away from Camilla toward another church member.

It was a major snub for Camilla. Although she has tried hard to build a positive reputation with the public since stepping into the royal spotlight, Camilla can’t seem to shake her notoriety as “the other woman” whom Princess Diana blamed for her failed marriage to Charles.

Fortunately for Camilla’s sake, the sting of the royal snub was slightly buffered by a warm greeting from Prince Phillip.

Good thing the Queen approves of Duchess Kate! We’d hate to see Kate treated as anything less than the princess she is.

Aimee Curran