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Posted Tue, June 14, 2011 6:02pm EDT

Vampire Dogs Face Off: Rob Pattinson & Bear Or Stephen Moyer & Banjo — Which Pair Is Cuter?

Vampire actors Robert Pattinson and Stephen Moyer both have dogs that look like each other, but which celebrity canine is the cutest?

Twilight’s Robert Pattinson and True Blood’s Stephen Moyer are two of the hottest vampires in Hollywood, but their other halves are –dare we say — even cuter! And we don’t mean Kristen Stewart and Anna Paquin! We’re talking about Rob and Stephen’s four-legged soulmates. Rob recently rescued his pup Bear and Stephen is a proud papa to both Banjo and Splash. Don’t Banjo and Bear kind of resemble each other?

Both of these handsome men play vampires and both love their dogs and are not afraid to show it. After Rob was seen with his pup this week in Toronto, HollywoodLife talked to a pet doctor who weighed in on Rob’s new puppy love!

“Bear knows on some level that Rob saved his life. They have a soul connection. Bear will become Rob’s healer and soul-mate. They were definitely brought together for some reason” said Dr. Anyes.

Stephen Moyer has two dogs that demand his attention. When Stephen was preparing to marry Anna, he attended the L.A. Dogworks and Good Dog Animal Rescue fundraiser and told People , “Splash, my alpha, will be the ring bearer [in my wedding].” If that isn’t true love, we don’t know what is.

These vampires are as hot as they come, but they both have a soft spot for puppies. Both Rob and Stephen have shaggy, scruffy yet adorable dogs, but one has to be cuter. Which pup do you prefer? Bear or Splash and Banjo?

Johnni Macke

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