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Posted Tue, June 1, 2010 11:23am EDT

Find Out Why Robert Pattinson Really Loves Being Famous!

As if there weren’t enough reasons to love him, R-Patz says that the best part about being a celebrity is how much good he can do for the world. Aw!

HollyWho-Knew Robert Pattinson is such a do-gooder? The hunky Brit could be using his celebrity status for personal gain, but instead realizes the best part about being famous it that he can help those in need! The Twilight star says since he started working with people whose lives were devastated by the earthquake in Haiti, he finally feels like he’s putting his fame to good use.

“It was amazing. When you become famous, you spend a lot of time thinking what that’s all about, or what to do with all that attention on you,” R-Patz told Argentina’s Seventeen magazine. “When you discover that you can use fame to do good things, it’s amazing. I hope that what I did helped, and that it really made a difference for the people of Haiti.”

The British heartthrob said he hopes his hard-work and charitable attitude rubs off on his fans. “I try and inspire people in a positive manner, and with luck that turns into something good for the world,” Rob, 24, explained, adding, “You can’t judge yourself when you are contributing to the planet, or when you’re inspiring others. That’s for other people to say.”

Although we love the human side of Rob, we can’t help but dig his vampire side, too! When asked if he would take on any of his Twilight character, Edward Cullen’s, powers for a day, the actor sounded like he’d rather be Spiderman than a blood sucker! “Uff, I don’t know,” he pondered. “I’d probably spend all day climbing and jumping the tallest buildings.”

–Russ Weakland

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