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Posted Tue, May 31, 2011 7:39pm EDT

From R-Patz & K-Stew to Justin & Selena: Who Loves Whom More in Hollywood's Hottest Couples? looked into Hollywood’s hottest celeb romances — like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez — and consulted with a leading expert to determine which person in their relationship is more in love!

Love is in the air and some of our favorite celebrities have fallen hard under Cupid’s spell. But with all the recent hook-ups, we know most of their lustful romances will sizzle out. So which couples are in it for the long haul — and more importantly, who is more into whom? We’ve analyzed seven of Hollywood’s hottest relationships and consulted with leading body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass to weigh in on who in each couple is more in love!

Robert Pattinson is more in love Kristen Stewart than she is with him:

  • Dr. Glass: “It’s quite obvious Rob’s heart and feelings are more then Kristen’s, he likes her more for sure, but you can see that Kristen is very interested. These two are almost as close as Prince WIlliam and Kate. They share similar characteristics. But Rob certainly is in it for the long run here.”
  • Rob and Kristen may be America’s favorite vampire lovers, but in real life they are as equally enthralled with each other. Despite their busy schedules, Rob still makes time to take Kristen out on dates to nice restaurants and always protects her from the paps.
  • Rob also has talked openly about how he’s faithful and wants to marry one person and have children with her.
  • The young couple just adopted a dog together and Kristen has committed to spending her whole summer with her hunky boyfriend in Toronto while he shoots his new movie Cosmopolis.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are mutually attracted to each other:

  • Dr. Glass: “Selena Gomez is taken by Justin, and she definitely is the aggressor in some ways. However, sexually you can tell Justin is attracted to her — he loves rubbing her feet and touching her butt.”
  • Justin, 17, and Selena, 18, may be a new and young couple but things between them are getting serious fast! The couple just took a romantic vacation to Maui and now they are visiting her hometown in Texas!
  • Justin is always gushing about how much he likes her and based off recent pictures it seems like the young lovers can’t keep their hands off each other!
  • Both Selena and Justin go to great lengths to keep their significant other protected. In interviews they rarely speak about their relationship and if they say anything about one another, it’s complimentary.

Kris Humphries is more in love with Kim Kardashian than she is with him:

  • Dr. Glass: “He is focusing so much of his attention towards her — she seems to have her mind on her surroundings and the cameras. He is way into Kim, and he shows it in the way he leans into her and physically wants to be close to her whether its an embrace or hand holding.”
  • Kim, 30, has finally met her prince charming and after only a few months of dating the 26-year-old NBA star, they became so smitten he proposed with a $2 million-ring that would make any girl jealous!
  • Kris is so committed to Kim that he is willing to put up with the media attention and wants to be part of her family. Kim returns the favor by being his biggest fan on and off the basketball court always gushing about how lucky she is to have nabbed him.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are equally in love with each other:

  • Dr. Glass: “Prince William and Kate Middleton share equal amounts of affection and equal amounts of love. They both share a bond that shows that they love each other. There’s no dominance from one over the other.”
  • Newlyweds William and Kate put on the wedding of the decade when they exchanged vows earlier this month in the Westminster Abbey. Prince William always makes sure Kate has everything she needs, even making sure that their honeymoon suite was stocked with their favorite snack — cream cheese and sprouts.
  • William always surprises Kate in big ways like arriving in a helicopter in her backyard. He also always makes sure that she is protected, for example they tricked the media to keep their honeymoon destination secret.

Vanessa Hudgens is more in love with Josh Hutcherson than he is with her:

  • Dr. Glass: “Vanessa seems more serious and shows her emotion more then Josh. She is smiling more and showing more emotion around him.”
  • Josh and Vanessa may be a new couple but they are on the road to relationship success because they share mutual interests and love hanging out together. The couple enjoyed some of their favorite bands at the Coachella Music Festival and seemed like every other down-to-earth couple at the concert.
  • Vanessa followed Josh to North Carolina, where he’s shooting The Hunger Games. Plus, she broke up with her boyfriend of five years, Zac Efron, after playing Josh’s love interest in a movie.
  • They keep a healthy privacy about their relationship and they are always going on fun dates, like a night out bowling with their friends or zip-lining in North Carolina.

Nina Dobrev is more into Ian Somerhalder than he is into her:

  • Dr. Glass: “Nina Dobrev is all over Ian. Ian doesn’t really pay attention to her. Nina is visibly happy with Ian.”
  • Ian and Nina may be keeping their relationship under wraps, but the two just took a vacation together in one of the most romantic cities in the world. The Vampire Diaries couple hit up Paris and even brought their mothers along, which means they are already on “meeting the family” terms.
  • The couple works together so they know how to problem solve and all about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Even after spending hours together on set they still want to be together when the cameras are off.
  • Nina is younger than Ian and looks up to what he’s accomplished.

Do you agree with our assessment of each couple’s love? Do you think Rob is more into Kristen or do you disagree? Sound off below!

Nicole Fukuoka, with reporting by Russ Weakland