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Posted Sat, March 26, 2011 9:09am EDT

Is Robert Pattinson The Most Romantic Guy In Hollywood? See 9 Other Hunks & Vote Now!

Robert Pattinson is not the only chivalrous man in Tinseltown. Check out these nine other men who know how to treat their ladies right!

The Charlie Sheens and Tiger Woods of the world get a whole lot of attention, but celebrity men aren’t all wild players. In fact, some of Hollywood’s most popular hunks are sweethearts in real life!

One of our favorite romantics is the one and only Robert Pattinson. The 24-year-old Twilight actor has admitted to being idealistic when it comes to love.

“I’m not mushy but I have a romantic soul,” Rob said in Italy’s Style Magazine. “Having grown up with two older sisters I have a deep respect for women. Sex and feeling for me go hand in hand.”

He added, “I’m not a man for short and superficial love affairs. I don’t talk about my relationships with female friends, not to mention how I don’t talk about the rumors about my relationship with Kristen Stewart, an actress I admire because she’s a real person, and a real actress. It was the chemistry I had with her helped me to get my role in Twilight.”

However, Rob isn’t the only leading man in Tinseltown with a heart of gold. Brad Pitt was a swingin’ bachelor, but practically did a 180, changing his entire lifestyle to fit to Angelina Jolie‘s maternal ways. Meanwhile, Justin Bieber‘s never been shy about his feelings for Selena Gomez (he told us she’s “amazing”) but Selena isn’t exactly ready to shout her feelings from the rooftops just yet.

And the list doesn’t stop there! Other handsome dudes who have admitted to falling head over heels for their significant others include Lamar Odom, Peter Facinelli, Tom Cruise, and David Beckham.

When you think about Hollywood’s best boyfriends and husbands, who do YOU think should make the list and why? Sound off below!