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Posted Mon, May 2, 2011 6:42pm EDT

Robert Pattinson Says First 'Twilight' Is His Favorite! Is That Because He Fell In Love With Kristen Stewart?

Robert Pattinson’s favorite ‘Twilight’ is not because of the story line or Edward Cullen’s character development! That was when he met a certain someone…

Robert Pattinson doesn’t act like one of the world’s biggest movie stars one bit! The 24-year-old actor isn’t a fan of all the attention he receives from being our number one heartthrob, which is one of the reasons he looks back at the first Twilight films as his favorites.

During a recent live chat with, a fan asked Rob which of the Twilight films was his favorite and he hardly hesitated at all before answering.

“I think the first. It was the most fun to shoot,” he wrote, adding, “The second also because there wasn’t as much craziness yet…”

Rob first met his on and off-screen lover, Kristen Stewart, when they screen tested for the films at director Catherine Hardwicke‘s house and had amazing chemistry. It didn’t take long on set in 2008 for Rob to woo Kristen into falling in love with him — and the rest is history.

Do you agree with Rob about his picks for favorite movie or do you like the others better? Sound off below!

— Kirstin Benson