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Posted Sun, November 29, 2009 9:48am EDT

Rihanna: Why Are You Wearing Such ” Killer” Clothes?

Warning to all BFFs tempted to get close to Rihanna – DON’T YOU DARE!

What’s with the you, Rihanna? Take a look at all these scary outfits, you’ve been sporting? Rihanna, you must be worried that the court-imposed restraining order keeping Chris Brown away, isn’t enough of a defense from your ex.

Instead, you’ve managed to find a full wardrobe of high style armor. Check out the recurring spikes on your shoulders, shoes and jutting out of her gold dress. Dagger earrings, knuckle rings and over-the-knee gladiator boots round out your daily uniform.

It seems obvious that Rihanna’s “killer” wardrobe is Chris Brown related but, just in case, I’m headed down the wrong path, I thought I’d checkin with a couple of shrinks. That gold spike -covered dress: ” It’s a defensive dress – like a sea urchin. It presents a tough, dangerous exterior – ‘ don’t mess with me or you’ll get pricked’,” psychologist Dr. David Eigen tells me.” She clearly still feels the need to have a ‘security’ wall around her. It’s as if she were a mansion, surrounded by barbed wire,” adds psychologist, Dr. Nancy Irwin.

Wow – barbed wire. Dr.Irwin probably doesn’t even realize that barbed wire a major feature on Rihanna’s new album cover. You got to give credit to Rihanna – from her ankles to her album covers – she’s sticking to her message. If I were you, Chris, Rihanna’s served you, her own personal restraining order!

-Bonnie Fuller