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Posted Tue, October 26, 2010 4:48pm EDT

Red Carpet Beauty Report Card! Check Out Who Passed And Who Failed!

Check out my calls for the best and worst of the red carpet and how to get (or NOT to get) their looks!

Celebrities have it all – makeup artists, hairstylists that charge almost $1000 a service, etc. But even with all that help, some show up on the red carpet looking amazing and…well, some don’t. Here are some of the recent best and worst of red carpet beauty. Check out who passed and who failed!

Jessica Biel is gorgeous, but did she really do anything here? Let this be a lesson: no matter how flawless your skin is, showing up against blinding flashbulbs with “running errands makeup” will make you look washed out. Plus, it looks like she combed her hair with her foot. No, Jessica. Fail.

Now, on the other hand Eva Mendes is working it for all its worth. This is pure red carpet girly glamour at its finest: perfectly done hair, lush lashes and the pearly pink blush and lip gloss. Plus, her brows are perfect. Eva? Pass!

Carey Mulligan is a great example of an Almost But Not Quite. Her hair is great but the makeup is all wrong: that red-toned eye makeup (which I assume is to bring out the wine-hued dress she’s wearing) makes her look tired, not to mention the lip gloss doesn’t look right. She doesn’t Fail but she’s not exactly making the grade.

Mila Kunis is a total Pass in this photo. Loving the 60’s era Brigitte Bardot stacked bedhead hair with sultry eye makeup. This is red carpet siren all the way and Mila gives it to us in spades. Adore. Pass!

I have to admit that this photo of Hilary Swank scared me a little: her hair is static-y, her skin is too shiny and her minimal makeup only emphasizes her ears and jawline. A blowout and sultry eye makeup would have made this look a winner, but without it we have a total Fail.

Wow. Does Demi Moore ever get it wrong? Flawless skin, perfect brows, great lashes and a glossy lip. Sleek hair paired with her gorgeous makeup look makes this look magic. Demi is almost always a Pass in my book and this photo is no exception.

I’m interested to hear your thoughts, BFFs: which of my best and worst calls do you agree with most? Vote now!

–Kristin Booker

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