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Posted Sat, March 19, 2011 8:30am EDT

Andy Says: Rebecca Black & Selena Gomez Are The Same Person — 5 Reasons Why!

This goes beyond their shared Bieber Fever. Do you think Rebecca could someday fill Selena’s shoes?

Rebecca Black, 13, skyrocketed to fame in the past few weeks — for better or worse — with her music video for “Friday,” capturing the world’s attention and laying claim over 1/7 of the Gregorian calendar. And while I won’t deny the song is catchy, is this Rebecca girl really anything we haven’t seen before? Allow me to draw your attention to another young lady in the music biz, Selena Gomez, whose footsteps Rebecca appears to be following in quite closely.

Prepare to have your mind blown…

They both put their backpacks on their right shoulders. Yes, I’m aware that I’m using images from Selena’s TV show and Rebecca’s music video, but you know what? Sometimes art imitates life.

They both wake up at 7 a.m. — and hate it. But seriously, who likes getting up at that hour? (If only we had Selena’s magical time-reversing powers.)

They both want to sing a duet with Justin Bieber. While Selena has appeared on stage with Justin (see photo #3), Rebecca announced her desire for a collaboration March 18 on Good Morning America.

They’ve both gone viral. Rebecca’s YouTube views may not be as impressive as Selena’s, but considering “Friday” is only a month old, she’s got plenty of time to catch up.

They’ve both been tweeted death threats. Fortunately, neither Selena nor Rebecca let their haters keep them from riding around in the backseat of a car, mouth agape, hair blowing in the breeze.

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