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Posted Fri, June 10, 2011 12:47pm EDT

Bonnie Says: 'RHNY' Trip To Morocco Ruined By Catfighting Between Ramona & Team Jill!

My advice to Countess LuAnn — don’t bother setting up a luxurious trip to an exotic location like Morocco again for your ‘RHNY’ BFFs!

Despite the fact the Housewives are staying in gigantic, beautifully-decorated rooms at the hotel, chauffeured by handsome guides to the most fascinating attractions in Morocco, NOTHING has been enough to distract the wives from their obsessive bickering with each other.

The ruinators of the June 9 episode were Jill and Ramona who attempted to put aside past differences in a disastrous get-together in Ramona’s room. But when Ramona failed to come across with the sincerity Jill was seeing, the stage was set for two days of vacation drama.

A shaken Jill turned to LuAnn and Kelly for comfort while Ramona — who was left sobbing on her bed — was rescued from hysterics by Sanja and Alex.

The battle lines were drawn! Instead of actually taking advantage of the Moroccan sights the next day, Romana and Alex stayed back at the hotel commiserating on how emotionally drained Ramona was by Jill’s “attack.”

Meanwhile Jill soldiered on bravely visiting the historic Palais Bahia, with Kelly and LuAnn who was visibly annoyed that her efforts to please the girls, were being blown up.

Meanwhile Kelly is the only housewife aside from LuAnn who has been appreciating the gift of a lavish trip to Morocco. She finally “lost it” after Alex stormed in on a henna-tattoo session LuAnn had arranged back at the hotel, after the sighting.

Just as the henna artists went to work, Alex interrupted and demanded immediate attention. With so much drama, you might have thought she was trying to warn the wives about an impending tsunami!

But alas — it was only an emotional emergency! Even though LuAnn tried to get Alex from destroying the moment, Alex persisted and accused LuAnn of being “a snake” to Ramona, for not taking Ramona’s hurt feelings seriously enough the night before.

It was like high school at its best! Kelly rightly called Alex “weird” and Alex broke out in pink splotches all over her neck. Somehow Team Ramona all turned up at the dinner LuAnn has meticulously planned that night, between a half hour and an hour and a half late!

Alex and Ramona swore that LuAnn hadn’t told them what time dinner started. LuAnn insisted she did and everyone ended up hungry. Fortunately, I believe Sonja had a stash of Pinot Grigio in her room so not all was lost.

I’m happy to report that after all the tears and accusation, Alex and Sonja finally hugged it out on the last day and agreed to be friends again!

What a relief! It was just in time for everyone to get their makeup done, Moroccan-style, dress up in traditional Moroccan gowns and toast to “harmony” at dinner!

LuAnn asked each of the “wives” their favorite thing about Marrakesh. She herself recalled that she used to be a varsity softball coach. Did she want to take a bat to anyone’s head? Hmm!


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