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Posted Fri, January 28, 2011 11:32am EDT

RHBH: Kyle Hisses at Camille — 'You Have The Balls of a Burglar' & Camille Claws Right Back, Kyle's a 'Bully!'

Bonnie Says: The blinding bling around The Housewives’ necks wasn’t as astounding as the vicious insults and personal revelations on the first gripping reunion show last night, Jan. 27

Bravo’s Andy Cohen kicked off the scathing reunion show by jumping right in to tell Camille Grammer that she’s the most hated Housewife in America — Then he reeled off an insulting list of every nasty name she’s been called: “fake, conniving, insecure, manipulative, insincere, and delusional.”I had to hand it to Camille, who kept her composure under the barrage of insults and incredibly intrusive questions. ” Why didn’t you carry your own children — Was it to keep your figure?” she was asked by an audience member. The answer, she insisted, was that she tried and tried to get pregnant but that fertility issues got in the way.

It wasn’t until Kyle accused Camille of having “balls like a burglar,” because she’d been rude to Kyle’s friend Faye Resnick, that Camille lost her cool. “How can she throw rocks when she lives in a glass house,”  Kyle insisted, still upset that Camille had called Faye morally corrupt for posing for Playboy.  After all, “you did a soft porn film,” Kyle needled Camille!

It’s no wonder that Camille later let Kyle  have it– “I’ve had enough of you bullying me,” she blurted out. “Now, it’s my time to take my power and you’re wrong!”

Maybe Camille was feeling more powerful, because, she admitted she’ll be getting a settlement of at least $40 million from Kelsey.

Camille wasn’t the only Housewife victim of probing personal questions. First, all the Housewives were subjected to a comment from viewers that their plastic surgery makes them all look like freaks. Then Taylor was pointedly asked if she’ll get her lip implant removed. The answer in case you’re  on the edge of your seat is, “No!”

Other highlights — Lisa being accused of a sex obsession and only having sex with her dog-carrying husband Ken twice a year. Taylor warning Kim to “tread softly,” after  discussing Taylor’s threats of violence, and Adrienne Maloof insisted that she and hubby Paul have a great relationship, even though they bicker relentlessly.

When the exhilaratingly awful episode ended with Camille insisting that the whole season was set up to make her look bad — probably by Kyle, who it was revealed, recruited her for the show, all you could think was ‘Thank God!’

Thank God Kyle recruited Camille, and that she became the center of RHBH — it’s been an addictive ride. Can’t wait for the reunion show, part 2 next week!

–Bonnie Fuller


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