Posted Fri, January 28, 2011 11:32am EST

RHBH: Kyle Hisses at Camille — 'You Have The Balls of a Burglar' & Camille Claws Right Back, Kyle's a 'Bully!'

Bonnie Says: The blinding bling around The Housewives’ necks wasn’t as astounding as the vicious insults and personal revelations on the first gripping reunion show last night, Jan. 27

Bravo’s Andy Cohen kicked off the scathing reunion show by jumping right in to tell Camille Grammer that she’s the most hated Housewife in America — Then he reeled off an insulting list of every nasty name she’s been called: “fake, conniving, insecure, manipulative, insincere, and delusional.”I had to hand it to Camille, who kept her composure under the barrage of insults and incredibly intrusive questions. ” Why didn’t you carry your own children — Was it to keep your figure?” she was asked by an audience member. The answer, she insisted, was that she tried and tried to get pregnant but that fertility issues got in the way.

It wasn’t until Kyle accused Camille of having “balls like a burglar,” because she’d been rude to Kyle’s friend Faye Resnick, that Camille lost her cool. “How can she throw rocks when she lives in a glass house,”  Kyle insisted, still upset that Camille had called Faye morally corrupt for posing for Playboy.  After all, “you did a soft porn film,” Kyle needled Camille!

It’s no wonder that Camille later let Kyle  have it– “I’ve had enough of you bullying me,” she blurted out. “Now, it’s my time to take my power and you’re wrong!”

Maybe Camille was feeling more powerful, because, she admitted she’ll be getting a settlement of at least $40 million from Kelsey.

Camille wasn’t the only Housewife victim of probing personal questions. First, all the Housewives were subjected to a comment from viewers that their plastic surgery makes them all look like freaks. Then Taylor was pointedly asked if she’ll get her lip implant removed. The answer in case you’re  on the edge of your seat is, “No!”

Other highlights — Lisa being accused of a sex obsession and only having sex with her dog-carrying husband Ken twice a year. Taylor warning Kim to “tread softly,” after  discussing Taylor’s threats of violence, and Adrienne Maloof insisted that she and hubby Paul have a great relationship, even though they bicker relentlessly.

When the exhilaratingly awful episode ended with Camille insisting that the whole season was set up to make her look bad — probably by Kyle, who it was revealed, recruited her for the show, all you could think was ‘Thank God!’

Thank God Kyle recruited Camille, and that she became the center of RHBH — it’s been an addictive ride. Can’t wait for the reunion show, part 2 next week!

–Bonnie Fuller


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Posted at 1:59 AM on February 20, 2012  

Wow, just wow. I can’t bliveee that she would say things like that to you! Have you thought about getting HR involved? Or would that make it more awkward?

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mimi tholsted

Posted at 11:59 AM on January 30, 2011  

OUCH!……The only 2 women intelligent and funny = Lisa and Adrienna ……how can KYle, Kim, Camille and Taylor constantly stir the soup – how do they have time to have all this verbal diarrhea coming out none stop – just wait they will get what they wish for… long kan Maurizio stand it? will he do like Kelsey – changing Kyle for a young healthy woman without all the glitter and botox?….and what about Taylor – uf uf she is mean….Kim is already a basketcase lost in her own trash….Camille is already there … is all camille will have in life…

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Posted at 9:36 PM on January 29, 2011  

Vile Kyle?!?! After a season of Camille grimacing, reaming her minutes after making up with her, telling her she said something that NO ONE would say to someone else, telling all her friends how “pernicious” KYLE was and twisting events, saying herself in the private plane that she did not carry her children because she did not want to ruin her body, telling everyone how awful Kyle was as Kyle cried and found herself constantly on the defense as Camille would have one of her personality changes and suddenly light into her. I don’t know what show many of you are watching but in terms of Kyle and Camille, events were not open to a lot of interpretation. Camille made HERSELF look bad by her consistently arrogant, self-aggrandizing comments to the camera. Camille relished her self-proclaimed higher social status–even though it means nothing in the realm of happiness does it? And then Camille’s minion, Allison fake-name DuBois thinks it’s appropriate to drink herself under the table and tell Kyle how HER husband will never emotionally satisfy her–what a joke.
On the other hand, I think Kyle’s been pretty terrible to Kim. But we also do not know what the history is there, and although she didn’t call any of her other friends out for not standing up for her with Camille, Kim IS her sister and it would have been good for Kim to at some point tell the truth–which we all know is that Camille manufactured, or at least projected, meaning into what sounded like basic small-talk between castmates.
As for Taylor, I called her out early on for being a TOTAL phony. She clearly fueled the fire between Camille and Kyle, even after the cameras showed Taylor participating fully in a conversation with Kim about Camille. Also, she’s a hypocrit, because she knows full well what taking someone out back and “pulling some Oklahoma on your ass” means, no matter how dumb she plays. I think less of Kyle for allowing Taylor to treat Kim that way–even though Kim’s social awkwardness has left her saying very strange things to Taylor at strange times.

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Posted at 9:24 PM on January 29, 2011  

Well said Barbara. Kyle kinda likes to make other people look bad. And I noticed she always attacks with a posse around her (Lisa, Faye, and new recruit Taylor). That’s what a bully does.

I’ve become so disappointed with Lisa. I don’t think she’s classy at all. She participated in ridiculing Kim; the whole Martin thing was such an snide inside joke and Lisa just played with Kim as she was some embarrassing charity case, with no feelings. And she joined the bully squad at Taylors party. Lisa dances to whatever tune Kyle is playing.

What disgusts me most is that Kyle would sell out her own sister for a TV Show. For fame, for money, for attention. She’s not only a total narcissist, she embodies the term Fame Whore. No integrity whatsoever.

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Posted at 3:27 PM on January 29, 2011  

Vile Kyle is finally being seen for the nasty piece of work that she is. She and Trailer trash “Taylor” aka Shana Hughes, are two peas in a pod. Hope Kyle’s “family” gets her the help she needs, and that Trailer Armstrong is dumped by her charity.

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Posted at 6:27 PM on January 28, 2011  

I really liked Kyle during the early season but after viewing how she completely bullied her sister, Kim, in the limo and how she ditched Kim and went driving off with the other wives to party at the bar, I am of the opinion that Camille is right and that Kyle needs a punching bag and Camille and Kim is that punching bag.

I believe that Kyle needed drama to support her rise to fame and who better to draw off of but the self-centered Camille and soft spoken Kim.

All Kyle wants is fame and more fortune now. She continues to side with all of the other wives against her sister. I don’t like that and I don’t like the fact that she talks about her sister to Taylor and the rest.

Kyle you are a PHONY

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oh dear

Posted at 5:15 PM on January 28, 2011  

taylor came across as such a psycho in that reunion. all she does is make threats and give freaky looks.. like shes about to stab you in a dark alley and joy dance around your corpse or something :S WEIRDO!

i actually felt bad for camille. though shes not at all innocent either, you can tell kyle is rather vile and she definitely lied. were it not for all the botox it would be much easier to tell lol

and i loved the look kyle gave camille when the latter more or less confirmed how much money shed have after the divorce lol priceless! green eyed monster anyone?

i also liked that kim finally grew some balls.

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Posted at 6:44 PM on January 28, 2011  

i agree re taylor! and she actually was not looking her best, either- very bad extensions. i still say she’s more like mid-40’s. no way is she 39. i think she has actually had serious work to her face- brow lift, etc. in any case, i do think kyle may have a chip on her shoulder about money- wishing she had more, and trying to get in bed (figuratively, not literally) with anyone who has a lot of it… i don’t think she lied (can’t tell if you’re saying kyle lied, or camille), but maybe just b/c i think camille is so conniving that i don’t believe a word out of her mouth. i want to like kyle, and i do, but something is off with her, too— i think it is a sense of desperation to be accepted or something, desperation to be in the world of money. the more friends she makes, the more clients her husband gets, the more money they have, etc. i mean, there is nothing wrong with wanting money and pretty things, but you see how it twists some people (taylor, kyle, camille… well, i think she was twisted well before she got the money).

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Posted at 2:34 PM on January 28, 2011  

i don’t know how i missed the part about taylor’s lips? oh, was it one of those two second blips between commercials that they throw in to keep you from fast forwarding… i skipped that part! oh well. what i found most interesting about the reunion is that taylor is still trying to stir the pot and being inappropriate by trying to keep trouble going between kyle and kim. i thought taylor’s true colors really were seeping out and i can’t wait until she’s really in the hot seat and andy really calls her out on her lies and puts her on the spot. i can’t believe how good he is at busting people all under the guise of a “viewer question”- he’s so polite as he does it! he’s got talent…

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Betty Botox

Posted at 2:14 PM on January 28, 2011  

What the viewers don’t see is the husbands out on the town with their mistresses while the wife is taping the shows. What are the guys doing while the wife is being made up, coiffed, manicured and pedicured each week? They’re happy as clams to be rid of these parasites for a few hours. It’s their happy hour plus! Eventually every one of these women will be divorced by their husbands and the hubby will marry a sweet, intelligent, home-loving gal they met while wife was rakin’ in the ratings and cash. That would be worth another reality show.

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Posted at 2:22 PM on January 28, 2011  

jealous, table of one… excuse me- table for two, my friend bitter just arrived.

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