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Posted Fri, January 7, 2011 11:37am EDT

Bonnie Says: RHBH Camille Grammer's Huge OverShare! – Watch The Phone Call When Kelsey Dumps Her!

Would YOU allow reality cameras to film you receiving the life-changing phone call from your husband, telling you your marriage is over? That’s exactly what Camille Grammer did.

If you watched last nights’ episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and hung around to see the promo for next weeks’ episode – you saw the shocking scene.

The film cameras were rolling as Camille picked up husband Kelsey’s phone call, informing her that he was “done with our marriage”.

“I didn’t see it coming!” Camille tells the viewers in the promo.

Is getting dumped after 12 years of marriage, on camera for a reality show too big an overshare?

If that wasn’t a big enough self invasion of her own privacy, Camille will appear today on Ellen and she shares the full story of Kelsey’s insensitive marriage-ending phone call.

Who knows when Kelsey finally planned to tell Camille he was over their marriage? She reveals to Ellen that a friend told her he was cheating. She explains that her friend told her, I “don’t like what he is doing to you, and I don’t like the timing because you’re in the middle of shooting a reality show”.

Camille explains to Ellen that she called Kelsey, texted him and finally about three hours later, he called her back. “He told me, I don’t want to be married anymore“. Bizarrely, the two are both peddling on stationary bikes when they discuss the Grammer marriage breakdown.

Camille admits to Ellen that “I knew there was something wrong in our marriage because he was growing distant – he wasn’t returning my calls and he is the type of guy who used to call ten times a day… I felt him moving away”.

We now all know that Kelsey did move his affections on to British Virgin Atlantic flight attendant, Kayte Walsh, 29, to whom he is now engaged.

My questions for Camille are – if you felt your husband was moving away emotionally, why did you stay in LA and not hop on a flight to New York, where Kelsey was appearing on Broadway and canoodling? Maybe you could have saved your marriage!

AND why would you want to film the most private of moments – the “dump” phone call …  for a reality show?

In any case, Camille also tells Ellen that it is a sad situation for her kids – daughter Mason, 9, and son Jude, 6, since Kelsey never speaks to her anymore, making it hard to co-parent.

I have to hand it to Camille though; if looking good is the best revenge, she’s getting it! She looks great on Ellen!

–Bonnie Fuller


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