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Posted Fri, April 29, 2011 5:50pm EDT

Bonnie Says: The 5 Best Things About Royal Wedding All Reveal Princess Diana's Legacy Of Love!

The more I re-watch the video of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, the more impressed I am by the sheer beauty, majesty and love imbued in the event,and I just know that it’s all because of the spirit of Princess Diana.

From the moment Prince William entered Westminster Abbey with his best friend/ brother Harry, to the perfect blend of modern and historical in Kate‘s wedding dress, to the royal newlyweds delighting in driving off in an Aston Martin with heart balloons on the tail — it was a visually and emotionally beautiful and heartfelt event.

And yet none of the infinitely most wonderful things about this event would have happened if it wasn’t for the legacy of Princess Diana‘s love.

Here are my favorite 5 things about the Royal Wedding and how they reveal Diana’s deep connection.

#1: Kate’s Wonderful Wedding Dress: A Prefect Mix of Modern & Historical

If it wasn’t for the stylish Princess Diana who jettisoned the Royal family from superdowdy to the top of every Best Dressed list in the world, Kate Middleton would never have had the freedom to chose a designer as creative and adventurous as Sarah Burton, the lead designer for Alexander McQueen.

And then we never would have had the pleasure of seeing Kate in a dress that was so modern in its body-conscious use of lace, a corset and little peplum , as it was historical in its traditional Tudor-esque shape.

#2: The Closeness & Love Between Brothers William and Harry

When William and Harry walked into Westminster Abbey, it instantly brought back my memories of Princess Diana’s two young sons, walking side by side behind her casket in the long funeral procession following her untimely, tragic death.

Diana raised her sons with love to be close. They clung to each other when she died and you could see how close they have remained as they walked up  to the wedding alter together and whispered to one another while they waited for Kate.

#3: The Sweet Impromptu Moments Between William and Kate

Would any past heirs to the British throne have whispered to their brides, “you look beautiful,” the way William did to Kate, as she reached the altar?

When Kate and William finished their vows and sat for the rest of the ceremony, the pair couldn’t help but share sweet glances of relief that they had made it this far.

When they left Westminster Abbey, you could see Kate whisper to William that she was soo happy. When they stood on the Buckingham Palace balcony William leaned in to ask her for a second kiss, giving in to the crowd’s cheers.

Without Diana, who was so natural, warm, and unrestrained, would William have been able to escape the extreme stiffness and lack of emotion of his royal ancestors?

#4: The Double Kiss & the Decked Out Aston Martin

Princess Diana was infamous for her warmth and with her boys, she was all hugs and kisses.

William was probably the first future king raised with hugs and physical love. That’s why when he and Kate kissed once and then twice (a historical first to double kiss,) they were real and lingering kisses.

And it’s because of Diana’s great sense of humor that she had a son who delighted with his bride in stunning the world when he drove out into the streets of London in a “Just Wed” Aston Martin, trailed by heart balloons.

I can assure you that the Queen probably had a heart attack over the sheer “common-ness” of it all. Thank the lord that Diana had her wonderful common touch and so does her son!

#5: Kate Middleton’s Boundless, Beaming Happiness!

The bride wore her happiness all over her face. She dissolved into tears of happiness when she entered Westminster Abbey and when she left, her face lit up with the most beautiful, genuine smile as the crowds cheered.

My favorite Kate happiness moment was when she looked back over her shoulder at the crowd after planting two kisses on her husband. She couldn’t help glancing back at the crowd and giving the world a happy, mischievous grin.

It was a pure “Diana” moment! Only because of the impish original Peoples’ Princess, Diana, who paved the way was Kate free to be herself on her wedding day.

She didn’t know Diana, but she had her late mother-in-law to thank for making William the man he is today and for allowing her and her husband to have the wedding of her dreams!

Thank you Diana!

–Bonnie Fuller