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Posted Fri, April 1, 2011 6:29pm EDT

Bonnie Says: Prince William — Get With the Modern World and Wear a Wedding Ring!

Prince William, it’s time to honor the woman who waited 8 years to marry you, and wear a wedding ring!

I couldn’t be more disappointed to hear that it’s “your preference” NOT to wear a wedding ring according to a royal aide. Apparently your fiancee Kate Middleton is OK with that, but I’m not!
After all, she will wear a band made from a lump of Welsh gold which is owned by the Royal Family. I don’t understand William, why it’s important for Kate to wear a ring signifying her love and commitment to YOU, but you won’t give her the same respect.
If you truly love Kate — which I believe you do — why wouldn’t you want to wear a ring every day which symbolizes the love you have for her? If this is some weird macho move Prince William, remind yourself that you have already embraced modern life in so many ways — you have a wedding twitter and facebook page and you work a real job as a member of the Royal Air Force’s Search and Rescue Force — surely you can be on equal terms with your wife AND wear a wedding ring.
Prince William, I hope you reconsider your decision and honor your commitment to your marriage, like most men today, and WEAR A WEDDING RING!

–Bonnie Fuller


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