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Posted Fri, April 29, 2011 7:58am EDT

Bonnie Says: Prince William Tells Kate Middleton: 'You Look Beautiful'!

It was just one of the highly personal and emotional moments at the Royal wedding. They have been married in front of two billion people from around the world but for Kate and William you could see plainly on their faces how much this meant to THEM!

From the moment Kate Middleton got out of her black Bentley, she looked like she could be barely hold back her tears. She gripped her fathers’ hand. She was visibly shaking.

Prince William was waiting for her at the alter and when she arrived at his side, he turned to her and you could make out as he whispered to her, “you look beautiful.” It was a totally intimate moment as William leaned in to Kate and she broke into a smile. It helped her to relax- broke the formality of the “state” occasion, and made it clear  that for these two people what was most important was that it – was THEIR marriage!

But then as the ceremony began, the pair made a visible effort to block the world- the guests; the cameras, all of us out – while they made their vows to EACH OTHER.

As Kate spoke, William looked DIRECTLY into her eyes and held her hand. He was focused intensely on his bride.

When William spoke, she gazed directly into her husbands’ eyes. Because for William and Kate, this was NOT really a royal event. This was the culmination of an eight-year-long love affair that has led to deep love and commitment.

This pair do NOT want to repeat the mistakes of William’s parents- Prince Charles and Lady Diana. They are marrying purely for love and because they knew each other as best friends as well as lovers.

That was why they made every effort to make this world event as personal as possible. Kate wore her hair romantically down around her shoulders so William would “recognize her,” her makeup was beautiful and natural, the first hymn sung at the wedding- “Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer” was an ode to Princess Diana, William’s beloved “mommy,” the pair invited close friends and family and excluded many heads of state, and Kate’s beautiful dress by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, featured only a “10 foot fish tail train. AND it was managed only by Kate’s, sister Pippa, instead of an entire entourage of bridesmaids.

This was a far more simplified event than it could have been. From Kate’s simple net veil and diamond drop earrings, to her small white bouquet, the wedding was manageable.

And because it was a manageable wedding, it made it easier for William and Kate to focus on what really was meaningful- their relationship.

I don’t know if you noticed, but once the vows were done and Prince William and Kate were sitting together and listening to the rest of the ceremony, William looked so sad.

I believe he was having a few moments of reflection about his “mommy,” Diana. And yes, he and Harry called her “mommy.” Westminster Abby was the site of his dear mothers’ funeral, on August 31, 1997. Westminster Abbey must bring back such sad, sad memories for him.

I think he was taking a time out to say a prayer to his mom and to tell her how happy he was and how he wished she was there.

Diana would have been thrilled that her son and his bride, Kate. were able to make their wedding so romantic and personal.

When Kate and William finally emerged from Westminster Abbey and sat in their carriage, Kate leaned over to William and said “I’m so happy.”

I sure bet she was! Not only had the pair made it through the wedding watched worldwide – but they succeeded in having a wedding as loving and personal as any other loving non- Royal couple in the world.

Congratulations William and Kate!

–Bonnie Fuller

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