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Posted Fri, January 14, 2011 5:10pm EDT

'Pretty Little Liars' Scoop: Will Ezra & Aria Last Through Season Two? Exclusive Interview With Ian Harding!

Ian hints that Ezra & Aria’s ‘other-worldly’ connection will live on, but ‘things are going to change!’

Fans of the Pretty Little Liars book series may THINK they know what’s up next for Rosewood High’s forbidden couple — Aria (Lucy Hale) and everyone’s favorite english teacher, Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) — but the on-screen romance isn’t going to fizzle out as quickly as it does on paper. “Ezra’s going to be in the picture for a while,” Ian tells exclusively. “But that picture is also going to change over the next few episodes — and ideally into season two.”

“It’s going to be a rocky one,” Ian tells us of Ezra and Aria’s relationship during the rest of the season. “But, ideally, things kind of pan out.”

I’m confident in Aria and Ezra’s future, but when Ian says things like “ideally,” I start to get nervous. And you know what else makes me nervous? In the first season finale, Ezra will encounter “another character who we could be seeing a lot of in season two. That will definitely put a strain on Aria and Ezra’s relationship.”

Ian couldn’t confirm whether or not that character is Logan Reed (Tilky Montgomery Jones), who Zap2it reports will arrive in Rosewood for the finale. But don’t think he won’t do whatever it takes to keep Ezra and Aria together. He’s just as big a fan of the couple as we are!

“It’s love,” Ian says of Ezra and Aria’s romance. “And as tacky as it sounds, both characters realize the connection they have is ‘other-worldly,’ and you need to follow that.”

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— Andy Swift