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Posted Mon, February 21, 2011 11:47am EDT

'Pretty Little Liars' Exclusive: Tyler Blackburn On Tonight's Shower Scene, Plus Caleb & Hanna's Future!

Tyler says Hanna & Caleb are ‘both happy’ being friends with benefits. What do YOU think of this budding couple?

I hope you all like Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) on Pretty Little Liars, because you’re about to see a lot more of him — literally. Tonight’s episode features a steamy (pardon the pun) shower scene between a fully-clothed Hanna (Ashley Benson) and her not-so-clothed secret house guest. So will Caleb get his eye-full of Hanna anytime soon? “Maybe eventually…” Tyler teases to exclusively. “Kind of a ‘You show me yours, I’ll show you mine’ kind of deal.”

And who better than Tyler, himself, to explain what makes Hanna and Caleb (Haleb?) work so well:

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“Caleb has a hard exterior, but he’s a good guy,” Tyler tells us. “Hanna has qualities that caleb has. They’re witty and can keep up with each other, and that keeps it exciting. Plus, there’s this mystery between them. Even though he’s now living in her basement, they still don’t know each other that well. It’s an unspoken thing. They want to know more about each other, but there’s still tension. Whether that’s sexual tension, or whatever, it’s there. It’s refreshing for her and Caleb.”

But don’t expect Hanna and Caleb to put a label on their relationship anytime soon.

“It just is what it is,” Tyler says. “They’re both happy, I can tell you that. They don’t have a real label — not yet, anyway.”

You also shouldn’t keep hoping for a glimpse into Caleb’s bedroom. And by “bedroom” I mean the one crappy couch in the Marins’ basement.

“You never get to see my dwelling. It sucks. But at the Marins’ house, it’s probably a really nice couch.”

OK, now let’s get back to discussing that shower scene. Tyler swears he’s never done something like that with 50 people watching (I guess I believe him) but he did enjoy it.

“Ashley made it so fun; we were cracking up,” he says. “The water kept going from freezing cold to burning hot. And it was a 1 a.m. shoot, so we were pretty slap-happy. [Ashley] and I both are a little like our characters, in that we have a little of that witty playfulness. We get a long and have good chemistry because we can keep up with each other.”

As for whether or not Caleb will help the girls crack the big “A” mystery, Tyler says he definitely will — even if he isn’t aware he’s doing it.

“He’s kind of unknowing as to all of that, so anything that’s asked of him is done on the fly. There’s a little bit, but he never really understands.”

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Now check out the shower scene, in all its glory, below:

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