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Posted Thu, January 13, 2011 7:18pm EDT

'Pretty Little Liars' Scoop: Is There Any Hope For Hanna & Sean? Exclusive Interview With Chuck Hittinger!

Who do YOU think Hanna belongs with: Sean, Lucas, or someone new? Chuck Hittinger (Sean) weighs in.

While the Pretty Little Liars spend most of their free time gasping, texting, and cowering in fear of their mysterious blackmailer(s) “A,” let’s not forget — these girls have love lives, too! And the murder-mystery drama has seriously taken its toll on Hanna’s (Ashley Benson) hot-and-cold relationship with her Knight in Virginal Armor, Sean (Chuck Hittinger.) So is there any hope for the future of this perilous pair?

“As much as I want Sean to tune in and realize how she’s feeling, he has a lot of difficulty doing that,” Chuck tells exclusively. “Think about everything Hanna’s going through — the last thing she needs is a boyfriend that is just not getting it.”

For those of you who have screamed at your TVs during the show, furious with Sean for being so clueless, rest assured — Chuck feels the same way. He tells us: “I just want Sean to ask her, ‘Why are you doing this? There has to be a reason you’re behaving this way!'”

And what about that pesky non-hermaphrodite Lucas (Brendan Robinson?) Will he be planting any more creepy kisses on Hanna while she’s unconscious? Not according to Chuck!

“After last week’s episode — when Lucas revealed what he did with Alison’s monument — there’s a lot of distance between Lucas and Hanna,” Chuck tells us. “That definitely puts things in Sean’s favor. … Lucas will have to make amends.”

Of course, Chuck also admits Sean hasn’t been the most considerate boyfriend. Besides feeling bad that wheelchair-bound Hanna was left alone to clean up after her own surprise ‘welcome home’ party, he made another major fumble:

“I don’t even think [Sean] signed her cast, for one thing,” Chuck admits. Had Sean looked at Hanna’s cast and noticed the scary message from “A,” Chuck says he would have been a good boyfriend and suggested Wite-Out.

Should things totally fall apart between Hanna and Sean, Chuck tells us Sean isn’t likely to move on with any of the other three main Liars. “It would be a character you’d never expect,” he tells us. “Like Mona.”


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Andy Swift

Plus, check back tomorrow, Jan. 14, for more Pretty Little Liars scoop — including the stars’ thoughts on the show’s biggest mystery.