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Posted Mon, January 31, 2011 10:01pm EDT

Andy's 'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Aria & Ezra Have Their First Real Statutory Date! But Is Their Cover Blown?

Plus, ‘The Facts Of Life’ legend Mrs. Garrett returns as an insane bead lady on the Jan. 31 episode of ‘Pretty Little Liars!’

Desperate to figure out the identity of the mysterious “shadow” who was photographed chasing Alison (Sasha Pieterse) the night she disappeared, the Liars turned to none other than Alison’s brother, Jason (Parker Bagley.) And in the end, the girls found the answers to all the questions they’d been looking for…

But the biggest bombshell of all didn’t come from Jason. All he did was reveal Ian’s (Ryan Merriman) “big secret”: He’s a stoner, which in the grand scheme of things is no big deal. No, the big reveal came from Spencer (Troian Bellisario), who told the girls that SHE was the shadow in the photograph, chasing Alison to apologize after a fight.

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Speaking of fighting, Emily (Shay Mitchell) made a new enemy this week — her homophobic swim teammate Paige (Lindsey Shaw.) And when Spencer ratted Paige out for slinging a homophobic slur at Emily, the coach tried to kick Paige off the team. And somehow this led to Paige attempting to drown Emily in the pool after practice. (Everybody out of the pool — the water’s crazy!)

Speaking of crazy (I hope you’re appreciating these lazy segues), I had a revelation about Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra’s (Ian Harding) relationship after this week’s episode. You know that really intense, crazy look Ezra sometimes gives with his eyes. Well, that’s not just your average smolder. It’s literally the eyes of a man terrified of going to prison for staturory rape. Is that sexy?

Sexy or not, Aria and Ezra had their first real statutory date this week. He picked her up in a limo and they went to a museum (these two, i swear…) Unfortunately, “A” intervened. He/she/they offered Hanna (Ashley Benson) more of her mom’s stolen money if she somehow told Ella (Holly Marie Combs) about Aria’s date — and Hanna gave in by slipping Ella a ticket to the gallery.

So now the big question is: Does Ella know about “Ezria,” or is she just lying about going to the museum to hide her secret hook up with her estranged husband (Chad Lowe?) I’m pretty sure everyone in this town has a secret.

God knows what hideous skeletons the mailman is hiding in his bag.

‘Pretty’ great lines from this week’s episode:

“I always hoped my first sunrise would have tequila in it.” — Hanna

“You’ve been up all night! … One eye is bigger than the other! You look like a strung-out Powerpuff Girl.” — Hanna to Aria

“I will destroy her!” — Spencer in response to Emily’s homophobic hater

“Please, people, don’t race to the door. It hurts my feelings.” — Ella to her class

“OK, first of all, it’s not just a movie. It’s his real story. … Just don’t talk about the Biebs, OK? You don’t know the Biebs, you don’t understand the Biebs. Or his hair.” — Hanna, defending the upcoming Justin Bieber 3-D movie Never Say Never… which ABC Family also aired an exclusive clip from.

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