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Posted Mon, January 24, 2011 9:42pm EDT

Andy's 'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Hanna Dances For Money & Ezra Drops The L-Bomb On Aria!

It was a night of breakups, breakdowns and two new (highly suspicious) characters. Tell us what you thought of tonight’s episode!

When Spencer’s (Troian Bellisario) laptop went missing on the Jan. 24 episode of Pretty Little Liars, all fingers pointed at possible-murderer Ian (Ryan Merriman) — and why wouldn’t they? The girls know he was with Alison the night she died, and they’ve got pretty solid evidence that he may have killed her himself. Personally, I’m not exactly scared of Ian — but that’s only because I can’t stop picturing him as the tiny leprechaun in that Disney Channel movie. Who else remember that?

But all merriment aside, Ian’s not the only guy in Rosewood I’m worried about. This week we met Caleb (Tyler Blackburn), a know-it-all loner in a wool-knit cap. He had a run-in of sorts with all of the Liars, but his most notable deed was hacking Emily’s (Shay Mitchell) phone so she could talk to Maya (Bianca Lawson) at boot camp. Considering the way these girls have been stalked via text for the past few months, you’d think they’d be a little more suspicious of someone so tech-savvy.

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When Chuck Hittinger told me Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Sean’s relationship would hit a few bumps, he wasn’t kidding. On this week’s episode, Hanna earned her money back from “A” by showering Lucas (Brendan Robinson) with pity dances. Understandably, Sean got jealous and broke up with Hanna for good. Twenty bucks says mentally-unstable Lucas is going to freak out when he learns the truth.

And Aria’s (Lucy Hale) old babysitter Simone (Alona Tal) is back in town, and I already want her to get hit by a bus. She wowed Mr. Fitz with her short stories, and then she tried getting in the middle of “Ezria.” I didn’t like it one bit! Fortunately, Ezra delivered one of his classic and highly epic speeches about love to Aria — and he topped it off with the L-word! Yes, that one.

Finally, I was totally right about “A” this week. Yes, Ella (Holly Marie Combs) came face-to-face with him/her/it, but we didn’t get a chance to see his/her/its face. All we know is that “A” was the 32nd coat checked at the dance. Excuse me while I break my rewind button…

Pretty Great Lines:

“What’s going on? Did I walk into the middle of a chick flick?” — Ian to the Liars when his entrance was met with bizarre, uncomfortable silence

“Do you bring me to these things just to ditch me?” — Sean to Hanna when she leaves him to dance with Lucas

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