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Posted Mon, September 20, 2010 5:34pm EDT

Did Pamela Anderson Reduce Her Breast Size? What Do YOU Think, BFFs?

The buxom star is looking a little lighter in the chest lately. Has she reduced her breast size?

So, I was flipping through photos from this weekend and came across some adorable photos of Pamela Anderson, looking tanned, pretty and…wait a minute…are her breasts smaller? I placed the image next to the one above on the right and, well, I personally maybe she’s had her breast size reduced to a very attractive cup size! Has the Dancing with the Stars alum decided to downsize? I went to the experts to ask their opinion.

Evidently, I’m on to something. Dr. Jennifer Walden, New York Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who has not treated Anderson, agrees with my assessment, saying, “Pamela Anderson’s breasts are looking more and more appropriate for her frame, leading one to believe she has downsized her implants. She looks more attractive for it in my opinion.”

Dr. David P. Rapaport, Manhattan Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who deals a lot with breast implants, went into even more depth on this plastic surgery mystery: “These photos are interesting because historically in older photos of Pamela Anderson, you would see linear ripples across the top part of her chest, which is indiciative of a thin person who has implants over the muscle. Even silicone will ripple at that point because there’s nothing holding it there but skin, so it appears that she at least had a surgery to place her implants under the muscle to smooth that affect out; you don’t see the ripples anymore. In regards to the question of breast implant reduction, it’s not crystal clear but it certainly appears as if her breast size is smaller. It could be deceptive because of the angle of the camera but it could mean a reduction and, in my opinion, an aesthetically welcome change.”

Check out the photos side by side above. What do you think, BFFs? Has Pam decided to downgrade? Vote now!

— Kristin Booker