Posted Tue, March 9, 2010 5:15pm EST

Is Hollywood Suffering an Epidemic of Oversharing? Like Kendra and Her Pregnancy Stretch Marks & Jennifer Love Hewitt Revealing her “vajazzling!

And is this oversharing just plain gross?

Consider this: Kendra Wilkinson has just released a trailer for her new E! online show, launching March 14, in which she lifts up her sweat top and reveals her one-month post-baby stretchmarked stomach with her linea negra — that’s the dark line that appears below the navel during pregnancy.

Best Supporting Oscar-winning actress Mo’Nique confidently walked into her taping of the Oprah special on March 8th, in a skirt enough to reveal a long stretch of unshaven legs.

Just recently, Jennifer Love Hewitt appeared on George Lopez‘s talk show and confessed that she “vajazzles her vajayjay” and in fact was “vajazzled” at the moment! If you don’t know what vajazzling is — take a look at this instructive video made by It involves a lot of crystals and your private part — yes, those parts.

Furthermore, Kourtney Kardashian saved the birth of her baby Mason for an onscreen opportunity — yes, she gave birth on-screen, legs wide open and all!

Other celebrity over shares — Jessica Simpson cleaning out her ears on a publicly posted video and Gwyneth Paltrow giving us the poop on HER poop on her site “If your bowel movements get sluggish, you can accelerate things by drinking half a cup of Castor oil or using a mild herbal laxative. Bowel elimination is paramount for correct detoxification.” Got that?

So how do you feel about celebrities giving us major TMI? Is it gross? Or is it refreshing? Tell us now and VOTE!

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Posted at 2:21 AM on September 3, 2010  

I think Mo’Nique was just a paparazzi victim. JLove’s Vajazzling wasnt too bad. At least Kendra is being honest and upfront instead of a fake too-beautiful normal star(Plus her stomach isint gross). If it didnt show Kourtney’s private bits while she was giving birth, theres MUCH worse on youtube and children’s education videos so leave her alone.

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joyce Stone

Posted at 12:21 AM on March 11, 2010  

Oscars you are not anything anymore, people do not even care what you do with your awards. You are Lame just like television today the stupidest shows. To give an award to a 600lb thing called PRECIOUS, and to Micheal Jackson not even a movie star except for his court proceedings, a total Drug Addict, To publicly call him KING of anything is just another sign of what is wrong with our country today, Nice to tell our children. He was a freak in more ways then one.But as you said you were too afraid not to! Farrah was a great actress, great movies, great sitcoms, what a stupid excuse you came up with. Not a rediculous kardashian, kendra,girls next door,bad girls, housewives, VAGINA candy molds. Bowel movements. Yes you really know your stuff! you GO! Better yet lets put more gang killings on tv, make them look real great so more of our children want to be in one!
then you can hand them an oscar!!!!

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Deborah McIntyre

Posted at 3:43 PM on March 10, 2010  

Oscar shouls be damned ashamed for not mentioning Farrah. She was a beautiful, talented and well loved actress. And she didnt make moveis? Did you not hear of the burning bed where I believe she did win an oscar. You mention all the gays, all the overdosed drug-addicts all the lesbians in rehab, yet you cant mention a woman who gave her life and her heart to the big screen. What is wrong with Hollywood poloitics these days? No wonder I have chosen not to watch the Oscars anymnore, it is all who you know aqnd who you blow!!!!!

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Posted at 11:13 AM on March 10, 2010  

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Posted at 10:48 AM on March 10, 2010  

I don’t wanna hear about anybody’s bikini wax, vaginal rejuvination, stretch marks, breast milk leakage, bowel movements etc. Sure these are normal body functions but I feel most of the people discussing these things have no class and aren’t actual stars but posers or reality stars unlike real stars that would probably not sure all this info.

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Posted at 10:31 AM on March 10, 2010  


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Posted at 10:01 AM on March 10, 2010  

I totally agree with CT. I think its remarkable for what these women are doing. Share you experience! It can only give other pregnant women a boost of self esteem and say if these women can be beautiful while pregnant well so can we!

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Scott Huard

Posted at 9:33 AM on March 10, 2010  

I really wish these celebs would class up and with hold so much information. Think Harrison Ford when you want to speak. Very little and only about work and the film.

Thanks to all.


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Posted at 9:02 AM on March 10, 2010  

Since when is she even a “star” ?

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Posted at 8:26 AM on March 10, 2010  

Hey GUESS WHAT all you HUMANS out there! **NEWS FLASH** All of these people are HUMANS, too. Mo’nique didn’t intentionally show her leg hair (they are microscopic, look how close they had to zoom in to get somewhat of a shot!) But I commend Kendra for showing the reality of pregnancy! Yeah, it was pushing the envelope for JLH to talk about her vajazzled-ness BUT what do you want! No one is talking about her ass anymore, she has to get attention SOMEHOW!

If you don’t want to know personal stuff about celebrities, STOP LURKING SITES LIKE THESE. You FREAKS.

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Posted at 2:42 AM on March 10, 2010  

oh my god…

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Mike S.

Posted at 12:29 AM on March 10, 2010  

Its called “commune” desease!

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Posted at 11:40 PM on March 9, 2010  

Very soon we’ll have ZERO privacy so this is just a warmup.

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Michelle Harkness

Posted at 10:20 PM on March 9, 2010  

I like all the Hollywood movie stars…

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Posted at 10:10 PM on March 9, 2010  

The only thing “TMI” on this entire thing is Jennifer Love Hewitt talking about her gennies. Mo’Nique isn’t “sharing” her legs with you and Kendra should be ADMIRED for showing her stretch marks… I guess Kourtney’s could be considered oversharing… but it’s birth. Whatever.

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Posted at 9:20 PM on March 9, 2010  

You know I’m not understanding why anyone would have something to say about what celebs do or complain about “TMI”, when you make a living diving into their personal lives at the drop of a hat. Is it not as exciting when they put it out there without you having to hunt them down?
What gives? Make up your mind already !!

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Posted at 10:47 PM on March 9, 2010  

I agree. I don’t mind it at all; I think it’s nice that so many are showing how ‘real’ they are these days. People are quick to be all up in someone’s business when there’s infidelity or divorce, but ~shocked~ at something common like stretch marks. Some of it is definitely TMI though: Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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