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Posted Mon, February 28, 2011 2:37pm EDT

WORST Manscaping Disasters At The Oscars! What Were These Guys Thinking?

The ladies seem to have figured out how to look great on Oscar night, but what about the men in their lives?

On Feb. 27, the women– like Amy, Jennifer, Mila , Natalie and Michelle— were more gorgeous than ever! Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the men, who really didn’t impress at this year’s Oscars! What got into them? Check out their looks and vote for the worst offender!

  • Christian Bale: The Fighter actor should have shaven his face before picking up his Best Supporting Actor statue! His bushy beard seems to clash with his hair– it’s almost orange– and it hides his gorgeous face!
  • Jesse Eisenberg: The star of The Social Network lost out to Colin First for Best Actor, and in our opinion he lost out in the hair department, too! Jesse is known for his mop-top look, but we were hoping he would step it up for Oscar and give it a bit more style!
  • Mark Wahlberg: The star of The Fighter is always handsome, but this thin goatee makes it harder to tell! With a face like his, why would he want to hide it at all?
  • Russell Brand: The star of Get Him to the Greek presented at the awards ceremony and was hilarious (as always!). But we didn’t love the way he styled his hair– it looked a bit too much like a mullet from the side! Russell, next time PLEASE have Katy help you with your hair!

What do YOU think? Which of these Hollywood heavyweights is the biggest beauty offender? Tell us in the poll below!

–Allie Jordan