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Posted Thu, November 8, 2012 5:38pm EDT

One Direction Admits ‘We’re A Little Bit Mischievous’

The members of One Direction take over the cover, (or should I say covers), of ‘Teen Vogue’ for their Dec-Jan issue — and we love it!

The December/January 2012 Teen Vogue issue has five different covers, with each of the boyband members featured. Collect them all, or at least check them out! Inside you can find an exclusive interview promoting their upcoming album, where the boys speak out about their true identities.

Instead of being referred to as a whole, One Direction, this issue they get to be themselves: Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn. On each of the covers, the teenage heartthrobs pose in their own personal style. Their handwritten signatures are displayed right underneath a short quote that was spoken during their Teen Vogue interview.

Quotes like:
“We’re not too clean cut”, “We are often a little bit mischievous” and “We’re normal teenagers” emphasized the boys aspirations to be taken for who they are individually, not what media makes them out to be. Because they are such a huge pop sensation right now, their identities can sometimes get lost in what is expected of them.

This in-depth interview allows you to see the boys in a different limelight than ever before. Look out for their new album ‘Take Me Home’ and grab your issue now and get a chance to understand them on another level!

— Nicole DeBari

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