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Posted Mon, January 24, 2011 10:26am EDT

Nina Dobrev Reveals She ‘Almost Passed Out’ While Shooting ‘The Vampire Diaries!’ Plus New Photos!

That Nina — what a trooper. She takes ‘pain is beauty’ to new heights, all for the sake of her character.

Playing two characters on The Vampire Diaries means Nina Dobrev, 22, has twice as many costume changes as her co-stars — but playing dress-up isn’t always as much fun as it sounds. “Wearing a corset kicks the wind out of you,” Nina says in the Feb. 2011 issue of Elle magazine, as part of its “Out of Character” feature. “I almost passed out once wearing it for 16 hours.”

I guess Katherine‘s wardrobe is just as dangerous as her personality — though it’s also possible Nina was referring to season one’s Founder’s Day episode, in which Elena wore a corset for the parade.

Nina also tells the magazine about the benefits of working on the same show for a few years:

“Working on TV, you have this one character, and you have time to explore her, create her, see her develop into different people,” she says.

Interesting choice of words, Nina. You’re already playing two different people — how many more can you handle without losing your sanity?


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