Posted Tue, March 8, 2011 8:02pm EST

Is Nina Dobrev Dating Ian Somerhalder? She Says: 'It Wouldn't Be Unusual!'

Do you think Ian & Nina are just friends? Nina gives her most direct answer to that question yet.

Vampire Diaries fans may be split on whether they want to see Elena (Nina Dobrev) with Stefan (Paul Wesley) or Damon (Ian Somerhalder), but there’s one thing most can agree on: They want to see Nina and Ian as a real-life couple! And Nina, 22, is doing little to dispel rumors of an on-set romance in a new interview for Teen Vogue‘s April 2011 issue. “A lot of people who work together end up dating, so it wouldn’t be unusual,” Nina says. “But I’ve never dated anyone I’ve worked with.”

Got that? Nina managed to give just the right amount of mystery in her answer, wisely choosing not to deny the rumors altogether. She may only be 22, but this girl is an interview PRO!

Read on for more of Nina’s Teen Vogue interview:

On her double life as both Elena & Katherine:

“When I signed on to the show, I didn’t know whether I’d be playing both girls,” she says. “And while it’s been cool, it’s also exhausting because it’s double the work. You invest so much of your heart and soul and energy into making even one character. It’s like doing two movies at once.”

On being hounded by paparazzi:

“I just feel like a normal girl, and the whole concept is very odd to me. But other people, like Ian, have had that experience before, so they’re like, ‘Yeah, this is what happens; there’s nothing you can do about it.'”

On what she was REALLY like in high school:

“I wanted to be the jock, and I wanted to be a dancer and actress. I was also a gymnast and very academically driven. I always had a lot on my plate and was really overwhelmed. Not much has changed—I’m constantly trying to one-up myself and raising the stakes.”

On her healthy eating habits:

“I try to eat healthy. I like to drink my kombucha, I like smoothies, and I genuinely love oatmeal because it reminds me of childhood. But having chocolate or cake makes me happy too.”

On her daily yoga regimen:

“It’s that hour and a half in my day that I get to not have voices telling me to go somewhere, do something, run lines, get curtains.”

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Get A Life Shaggy Truth

Posted at 7:15 AM on August 7, 2011  

Bitter Much?? This crazy person above is still carrying on. For the past year he has been expressing his disgust everywhere on the net about Ian and Nina’s relationship. You can tell it’s the same person because it’s the same garbage over and over again. Didn’t things turn out YOUR way? Did someone not do what YOU wanted. Who do YOU want together? Seriously, mind your own business and get a life. I spotted no ring on Meghan’s finger after three years, no kids, no full commitment. Ian and Meghan wont be the first boyfriend-girlfriend to break up and they wont be the last. I guess Brad Pitt should still be with Jennifer Aniston and Tom Cruise with Nicole Kidman, if YOU want it that way, they should. Stop stamping your feet like a bratty child. Grow up. Your obsession after a year is unhealthy dude.

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Oh God

Posted at 4:34 AM on August 7, 2011  

Shaggy and Truth, one and the same. Is something not going your way? For god sake get a life. Preferrably your own. F**k!

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Posted at 11:03 AM on June 29, 2011  

The fans of this show are living in a delusional bubble.

Nina is boy-crazy. She was flirtatious with all of the male cast. She used to have a crush on Paul but he was with Torrey Devitto and is too moral/nice to cheat UNLIKE Ian who threw over Meghan Auld for Nina. It is not the first time he has done this. He always gets some on the side.
He dumped his then-girlfriend for Kate Bosworth when he shot Rules of Attraction. He dumped his other then-girlfriend for Maggie Grace when he shot Lost. Then his friends know he messed around on the side when he was with Nikki Hilton.

It astounds me how people didn’t figure out he was cheating on Meghan with Nina with excessive signs and evidence right from the start that Nina was more than a friend to him and he wanted to get with her.

Paul and Torrey are married, good for them. Paul is too much of a class act for Nina. Ian is a narcissist douchebag and player but knows how to pretend to be some golden boy.
I think Nina made a big mistake and she will be history after the series is over. Ian will mess around with trysts and flings but cover it up well but sources will know.

Ian is such a creeper. He flirted with other girls shamelessly infront of Meghan. I swear, he hits on everybody he finds attractive. He is also bisexual. It became obvious that he was not being faithful. The cast is under contract not to discuss affairs to avoid negative PR and tabloid-mania but they are not so pure and sweet.

Ian, Paul, and Nina are being so phony with each other in interviews. Paul was screwed big time because now Stefan will be off to the side being OOC as a ripper when Ian/Damon gets to be the protagonist while getting the girl.
Nian is working hard to make Delena endgame and ruin
Stelena/make sure Bamon never happens. Season 3 will be
mainly about Beremy and Delena which stinks for half of the
fanbase. At least, we will get Forwood.

Nian is destined to fail because Ian is too flaky/caddish
and Nina is also young & flirtatious. Nina just flat-out
lied about dating Ian and other co-stars.

It is ridiculous because they are certaintly not PR-shy with
their behavior and was practically flaunting their PDA
at Coachella in front of the paps. Basically, they want to
become a popular power couple like Robsten but they want to
play games by covering up the details. It should be obvious
they have been an item for a long time now.

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Posted at 10:52 AM on June 29, 2011  

Nina Dobrev is a liar and Ian is a big cad who has cheated on all of his girlfriends but managed to cover it up for the public.

It is ridiculous how Nian fans just deny all of the sightings, indications, photos, and etc that would signal more than a platonic relationship for several years. They were also not shy about it and gave plenty of hints to get PR attention yet they play a game where they won’t discuss the truth to cover up the dirty details. Some sources know the ugly truth. They draw attention to themselves by appearing at a dozen places and making sure fans track their locations by tweeting about it. They are a crafty couple and are very manipulative about this.

Nina’s affair with Ian began in the middle of the first season when he still had a girlfriend named Meghan Auld.
Then in late May, Meghan dumped him after she became fed up with his inappropriate dynamic with Nina. Ian had been relentlessly pursuing Nina from the get-go. Ian has been unfaithful towards alot of his girlfriends and has likes to trade up with co-stars.

Then he and Nina started becoming more serious in the second season but she didn’t want to be exclusive at first.
By this past Valentines Day, they officially became a couple.

Give me a break. Nina and Ian are flaunting their relationship and have always drawn attention to how close they are. It is a miracle, there was no backlash and they did not grace tabloid covers with the sheer amount of indications, photos, sightings at the Lakers game, at spas, and etc that went above & beyond what co-stars/friends do.

They are not private. The Vampire Diaries cast is extremely PR-whorish and are constantly drawing PR to themselves. It their sneaky way to make sure the PR is under their control and positive to avoid any criticism. Also, Nian went out of their way to make Delena the pairing of Season 3 and possibly be the endgame pairing.

Nian is not a good couple, they are far from innocent, and the truth probably won’t officially come out.

The Vampire Diaries cast has hidden two affairs so the show won’t get negative PR. Candice Accola cheated on Tyler Shields with Steven R. Mcqueen. They have been off-on for more than two years. Then Steven got back with Chelsea Staub last summer but chose to two-time her for Candice. They can’t seem to committ. They were still sleeping together this past spring. Now she was having a fling with Zach Roerig who will find out the truth the hard way: that Steven was still in the picture!

Trashy and unprofessional. The TVD cast is calculating and knows how to cover up their trash. It is amazing to me how Nian fans who have obsessively tracked their every move, failed to acknowledge the obvious evidence of Nina and Ian having an affair for more than two years.

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cindy nguyen

Posted at 2:18 AM on June 20, 2011  

it would be so weird if nina left paul in the vampire diaries for ian. it would bbe so different , i dont think i would keep watching it all. that is just my opionion. i want there to be change & spook , but just not that change! that would be a dissapointment. & if ian & nina dated in real life it will be very awkward on set for nina ian & paul.

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Posted at 10:59 PM on June 9, 2011  

This is the worlds largest ian somerhalder fan and i believe he should only be with one person and of course that person is ME! I think Ninna dobrev is a nice and good acting but she should lay off my man or I am going to have to put forward some serious kung fu panda action! HOOOO_EEEE!
Oh and one more thing Nina,
He will be with me someday so WATCH OUT

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Posted at 5:52 PM on May 25, 2011  

leave nina and ian alone for pete sakes!!!
i love vampire diaries and i would to love see them as a couple.

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Mrs. Noone

Posted at 8:26 AM on May 25, 2011  

They where spotted together in Paris and for me they do not look as just friends..
….they are so cute!!!

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Posted at 3:05 PM on May 10, 2011  

i sincerely expected her to date paul wesley ;i think they’re just ok

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Posted at 6:43 PM on May 4, 2011  

I think not even I know that Ian Somerholder would be such a great couple with nina Dobrev like I whent on youtube and I saw all these videos of them it was like sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

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Posted at 5:21 PM on May 3, 2011  

You guys are stupid. Quit making decision for people. They date who they want. You guys talk and talk… forget it go do something.

Yes I actually do have a feeling for love towards Nina dobrev.

All these things the fans put piss me off.

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Posted at 10:36 PM on April 17, 2011  

If there are any doubts on whether Ian and Nina are dating.
Check out these pictures from the Coachella Music Festival”

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Posted at 6:27 PM on March 20, 2011  

I don’t know what the truth is anymore.
I think they’re just extremely close friends, I mean they ARE forced to make out for the show a few times. I think that helps friends bond?
ah idk. But, I won’t completely believe it unless they say so themselves.
However Nina lies when she says she’s never dated anyone she’s worked with because she has dated someone from Degrassi when she was on it.

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Posted at 6:35 AM on March 18, 2011  

who cares… this is all just stupid gossip. if people in this world would get a life then these people wouldnt have to worry about hiding theirs.

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Posted at 7:56 AM on May 8, 2011  

like I care. i wish to see them together

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Posted at 10:30 PM on March 16, 2011  

People she said she’s never dated anyone she’s worked with. That doesnt mean they havent shagged….Get a clue and who cares. Ians hot and I cant wait for April 7th.

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Posted at 2:08 AM on March 11, 2011  

god just let them BE!

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Posted at 12:53 PM on March 10, 2011  

They are actors. There not dating each other. As much as people want them together off screen. They’re not. Both have there own lives. As for christmas, they were with there family and friends. Let them have there own lives outside of the show.

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Posted at 7:14 AM on May 25, 2011  


^ Pics of ian and Nina in Paris yesterday. ‘Nuff said. :)

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Posted at 12:51 PM on March 10, 2011  

Tee Tee, how do do you know that Ian has a girlfriend and Nina has a boyfriend? I mean, have you seen Nina or Ian with their partners or what?

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Posted at 10:22 AM on March 10, 2011  

Exactly Andy! She didn’t deny it or confirm, even Teen Vogue picked that up, she was very vague about it all and didn’t outright say “I’m not dating Ian Somerhalder” when asked specifically about him.

Plus she’s dated Ben Hollingsworth when working on Degrassi..

I really don’t think Nina would just say something a blatent as ‘I’m dating Ian’…especially in a magazine. I think that they are trying to protect the relationship, and doing a good job.
There is too much evidence, Christmas together, Valentines together, Weekend getaway (Serenbe), all the sightings…it’s kind of a no brainer. Nina is just trying to deflect attention. She wouldn’t be the first person who lied in an interview about her relationship status.

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Posted at 8:03 AM on May 8, 2011  

yap I agree with u

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Tee Tee

Posted at 11:27 PM on March 9, 2011  

They are NOT dating. Ian has to act like he is not with his beautiful girlfriend. All because “his fans” are (some of them) either too young to undterstand he has a life outside of the show OR he has to act like Nina and him are together to please the fans. Nina has a gorgeous boyfriend. Thankfully both Nina and Ian film in Georgia where it is easier to hide there relationships with there significant others. Grow up people. I’m not saying all of you. But some of you have to ease up on the guy, after all he’s an ACTOR. Tv is pretend.

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Posted at 12:33 AM on March 10, 2011  

They spent christmas eve and new year together, that should say something.

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Georgia Peach

Posted at 10:17 AM on March 11, 2011  

And because Ian and Nina are with other people that is why Ian and Nina spent Valentines Day at the Parish restaurant in the Virginia Highlands area of Atlanta. Really? Don’t be ridiculous these two are seen all over Atlanta together, not with other people. Ian and Nina have matching rings that they wear on their left hand index finger, yet Nina wants the fans to believe her and Ian are not a couple. Nina’s interviews are typically contradictory when it comes to her personal life. All evidence point to the fact that they are a couple. Nina and Ian did spend Christmas and New Year together, yet Nina tried to throw the fans off by saying in an interview that she was renting a house in Colorado. Why she wants to be so secretive and evasive about her relationship with Ian is a mystery, but it is not working. If Ian Somerhalder was my man, I would be shouting it from the rooftops.

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Posted at 6:02 PM on March 9, 2011  

she is dating ian! shes lieing/playing coy for the interview bc she doesnt want the paparazzi to know or anyone ! i saw it on the internet i have proof well not pics but information about it: they are def dating bc the internet says they spent valentines day together + people saw them together conoodling/flirting! its obvious shes trying to deny it and is lieing! :)

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Posted at 3:27 PM on March 9, 2011  

it looks like she said she NEVER dates anyone she works with so my guess is they are NOT dating. Honestly though i would only believe it when i will see them together holding hand or being affectionate off-screen.

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Posted at 12:08 AM on March 9, 2011  

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Posted at 11:25 PM on March 8, 2011  

Such a misleading title. That’s not exactly what she said, or what she meant by answering that question regarding her dating status.

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Posted at 10:14 AM on March 9, 2011  

I pride myself on writing misleading headlines… but this is NOT one of them.

They addressed the Ian rumors and that was her response. The quotes weren’t taken out of context at all.

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Posted at 8:21 PM on March 8, 2011  

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