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Posted Thu, February 17, 2011 4:07pm EDT

Bonnie Says: Aren't You Sick Of Too Skinny Girls?

It’s been a double hit of diet-inducing beauties in our faces this week!

First, New York Fashion Week rolled out its runways and its models who look like they barely eat morsels. Then Sports Illustrated and its bevy of perfect skinnies in swimsuits hit the newsstands and the airwaves, with not a stomach roll or dimpled thigh in sight. All week we’ve had to look at tight, taut tummys, stick thin legs, arms barely bigger than insect tentacles and perky perfect cleavage. It’s enough to make any normal-weight woman feel fat!

Why can’t Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue have some models who have Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, or Beyonce curves? Why can’t designers showcase their catwalk clothes on models who have a J.Lo pear shape or fuller figure like Christina Hendricks?

We, the women who will ultimately buy those clothes, think these women are gorgeous. We aspire to look like them, not like the androgynous sticks on the Fashion Week runways!

So tell me Hollywoodlifers — how do you feel? Would you rather look like skinny Brooklyn Decker or curvy Kim Kardashian? Or like the pin thin Angelina Jolie or muscular Jen Aniston? Tell us now!

–Bonnie Fuller