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Posted Mon, September 20, 2010 7:40pm EDT

Bonnie Says: Tune Into NBC's New Mystery Drama 'The Event' On Sept. 20 — You’ll Be Gripped!

If you loved the films Independence Day, War of the Worlds and District 9 you need to tune in or set your DVR to The Event at 9 p.m. Sept. 20!

NBC has been smart to super-hype its new show The Event (with a backwards second E) as an “event,” because it sets off more like a summer blockbuster film than the first episode of a weekly TV series.

I can tell you this: the plot involves a young, handsome, Obama-esque president (Blair Underwood), a Guantanamo Bay-esque prison, some kind of “ foreign” prisoners, a seemingly happy All-American family, a love lorn sufer-esque dude, and at least one enormous Lost-style and intriguingly inexplicable mystery. You’ll start guessing about what’s really going on halfway through the first episode, and you’ll be dying to see episode two by the time it ends.

My only question is: Will the mystery be spinnable for potentially many seasons to come? Event writers listen up – DON’T write yourselves into any corners early on that will lead to a let down of a Lost series finale! The Event promises to be too good for that!

Check out the trailer for The Event below:

— Bonnie Fuller