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Posted Wed, June 16, 2010 11:59am EDT

Hollywood Nannies Spill! Which Celeb Kid Has No Friends? Who Forbids TV & Sugar? Who Chucks Broccoli At The Nanny?

Who is privy to all the dirty little secrets in a celebrity’s life? Why the nanny of course. They are up close and personal with the A-list and their broods and now they are airing all the dirty laundry of celebs like Brangelina, Gwyneth, Madonna and Tom and Katie.

In Touch Weekly has made a special investigation into the lives of the poshest nannies out there. You’ll be surprised to learn that these star mommies and their kids’ aren’t as picture perfect as the paparazzi photos would have you think.

  • The Jolie-Pitt clan is out of control! Sure they always look well behaved eating ice cream and frolicking on the playground but but at home they’re a nanny nightmare. Shiloh throws temper tantrums, and with them broccoli, right at the nanny. Zahara (who likes to be called Z) is the brood’s fearless leader. “She’s taught all of them how to act out and get the biggest reactions.”
  • Madonna shelters her kids. Madge’s household follows a strict kosher, macrobiotic diet that means no salt, sugar or fast food. Lourdes, 13, Rocco, 9, David 4 and Mercy 4, never watch television and magazines and newspapers are not allowed in the house.
  • Having kids made Gwen Stefani a fitness freak. One former nanny to the rocker mom spilled, “She was so obsessed with getting back into shape after Zuma, She spent all her time on the treadmill, even breaking down in tears periodically about her weight stress.”
  • Gwyneth’s hands-on mommy act is all for show! An insider tells the mag that in public Gwyneth makes sure to look like an involved mommy for the cameras but at home it is all nanny all the time. “She’s always very conscious to be seen holding her kids’ hands in public but at home she often relied on the nanny. They were the ones her children spent the most time with,” the source says.
  • Suri has no friends. Katie Holmes has been pressuring hubby Tom to enroll 4-year old Suri in preschool because she has very little contact with kids her own age, but Tom prefers that their daughter be home-schooled.

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