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Posted Tue, June 1, 2010 5:56pm EDT

Bonnie Says: Miley Cyrus Is An Oversexed Trainwreck Waiting To Happen!

Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus, are you completely cuckoo?

Do you really want your daughter Miley, 17, to be the next Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan? Are you so caught up in the cash proceeds of Miley Inc. that you’re OK with your daughter feeling herself up on stage, in public, during her concerts? Are you really OK with her dressed in itsy bitsy thigh-baring costumes? Are you OK with her writhing around seductively in her “Can’t Be Tamed” video, and simulating a makeout session with two men?

This whole situation is wrong on so many levels. Let’s start with — it’s wrong for Miley to have agreed to play the child and teen character, Hannah Montana, for another year if she intended to behave like a stripper on stage.

Whether she likes it or not, she is making millions by playing Hannah, who is a role model for millions of little girls. No matter how many interviews Miley gives saying she doesn’t see herself as a role model, she has tacitly accepted that role by continuing to take money to play Ms. Montana.

In a way, she’s the Tiger Woods of teenage girls. When he accepted the platinum endorsement of repping American Express, he was “agreeing” to be a role model. She has made the same deal. And like Tiger, in reality she’s behaving like the devil.

When parents take their young daughters to see a Miley Cyrus concert — and yes, her major fans are 6 to 13-year-olds — they will be outraged by Miley’s suggestive moves, including pushing up her tiny top and touching her breasts, as she did May 29 in Lisbon, Portugal, at the Rock in Rio concert. (See the video below.)

This leads me to another reason that Miley’s behavior is wrong. It’s wrong because it’s ruining her Miley Cyrus “brand!” And the adults who are helping manager her career should know it.

Miley, I’m sure like most 17-year-olds, is in a big hurry to grow up. She’s personally desperate to throw off what she sees as the shackles of Hannah Montana. She can’t wait to be an adult star.

But she IS only 17, which means she’s prone to reckless behavior. And acting like a stripper on stage and in numerous photos, where she’s pulled her top up or down and shown her bra, is being reckless with the wholesome “brand” she’s built.

“She’s abandoning her core audience of young girls when there’s no guarantee she’ll get an older audience,” branding expert Samantha Ettus tells me. “I don’t think people are going to be comfortable with a sexy minor selling herself to other minors.”

As if Miley’s skimpy stage outfits weren’t enough to make her point that she’s not interested in appealing to the little girls who love her, she made sure to go out June 1 wearing a t-shirt with a topless Heidi Klum giving the finger to the world.

Ah, Miley — is that how you feel about your fans? It sure seems like it! Finally, Miley’s sexually exhibitionist behavior isn’t just wrong for her fans. It’s also wrong for her personally.

With dad Billy Ray and mom Tish condoning it, she’s been showing off sexually exhibitionist tendencies for some time, starting with her topless Vanity Fair cover, when she was just 15.

Then there was the pole dancing at the Teen Choice Awards in 2009, the bra-bearing episodes, the “Can’t Be Tamed” video, and now the breast-touching on stage!

Geez — what’s next for Miley? A sex tape? If she’s this turned on by sexually overt behavior, to get attention at 17, what’s she going to be doing at 18, 19, and 25?

Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus — you better worry because Miley’s right — unless you interfere while you still can before she turns 18 on Nov. 23, she won’t be able to be tamed! And in the end, she will pay the heaviest price for it.

Check out Miley’s latest over-sexed performance below:

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