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Posted Sun, March 13, 2011 10:48am EDT

Hollywood’s Raciest Cell Phone Pics: Miley Cyrus, Kim K & More!

Why do starlets love snapping racy pics of themselves? Don’t they know these shots ALWAYS find their way onto the Internet?!

Call us crazy, but if we were getting paid millions of dollars a year to be in the public spotlight, we’d at least TRY to mind our P’s and Q’s. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Hollywood’s hottest young starlets. Everyone from Miley Cyrus, to Amanda Bynes, to Christina Aguilera has snapped racy pics of themselves wearing little to no clothes, which have of course leaked onto the web for all to see. When will these girls learn?

Most recently, new photos of Miley posed provocatively behind-the-scenes of her music video “Who Owns My Heart” went viral.  In one of the pics, the 18-year-old former Disney starlet is sitting on a stool, wearing boy cut white undies and a black bra with a barely there tank and sticking her tongue out suggestively. Did she really want her fans to see these?

Miley isn’t the only repeat offender! As we said before, she’s joined by several other girls (and guys!) who loves showing off their most intimate body parts with the world. Click through the gallery and tell us which photos surprise you the most!

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