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Posted Fri, December 10, 2010 11:35am EDT

Miley’s Bong Smoking Tops Year of Bad Behavior! Here, Her Most Shocking Moments!

Bong rips, exposed nipples, girl-on-girl action — see pics & vote for which of Miley’s wild acts left you speechless in 2010.

Both publicly on stage and privately in her home, Miley Cyrus has been delivering shock after shock this year — and the newly released video of Miley taking bong hits just days after her 18th birthday is merely the latest in a long line of “OMG” moments the Disney star has been serving up in 2010. (Click here to watch the video on TMZ.) Browse our gallery of Miley’s many scandals, and let us know which one still has you picking your jaw up off the floor.

Here’s’s breakdown of Miley’s scandalous year:

  1. Dec. 10: Just days after her 18th birthday, a video leaks online of Miley taking bong rips with some friends. They were reportedly smoking salvia.
  2. Nov. 20: Miley gets down and dirty with Avan Jogia at her birthday party, held at Hollywood hotspot Trousdale. Photos show him laying on top of her on a couch… and she was NOT complaining!
  3. Nov. 4: Miley is spotted with a Corona at a club in Madrid, Spain, where the legal drinking age is 18. Unfortunately for Miley, she was not.
  4. Oct. 12: Miley steps out in a white t-shirt and no bra. Experts told us this was clearly a cry for attention.
  5. Oct. 8: Miley releases her music video for “Who Owns My Heart,” which features tons of grinding and writhing on a bed… but very little clothing.
  6. Oct. 2: Miley hits up 21+ Hollywood club Voyeur in cut-off shorts and a tiny black half-top.
  7. Sept. 15: Miley is spotted wearing not one, but TWO see-through tops (showing off her bra) in one day.
  8. Aug. 24: A video of Miley singing about sex in front of her mom in the bathroom surfaces online.
  9. June 20: Miley sports a parade of skimpy outfits at the Much Music Video Awards in Toronto, Canada.
  10. June 3: Miley simulates a girl-0n-girl kiss while performing on Britain’s Got Talent, an act she would later repeat several more times.
  11. May 29: Miley goes totally pants-less at the Rock in Rio Music Festival in Lisbon.
  12. May 18: Miley lets a back-up dancer grab her breast while performing “Can’t Be Tamed” on Dancing with the Stars.
  13. May 8: Miley releases the art for her new album, Can’t Be Tamed, which features a midriff-baring Miley.
  14. May 5: Miley debuts her music video for “Can’t Be Tamed,” a guy-filled grope-fest that kickstarts her too-sexy-for-17 reputation.