Posted Mon, April 9, 2012 4:01pm EST

Miley Cyrus – Not Wearing Underwear Is Self Destructive Behavior

Miley – You can’t complain about paparazzi taking photos of you wearing no underwear on April 6 when you went out commando, in a micro miniskirt. You were crying out for attention!

Listen,this isn’t a post where I’m going to defend paparazzi for using their zoom lenses to capture Miley‘ s uncovered private parts. That’s intrusive and gross. But it does happen to be their job to take photos of celebrities like Miley who are out in the public streets of LA.

Come on Miley,  you know that when you’re living in the heart of Hollywood you will be photographed. And YOU made the decision to wear a micro-minidress with no underwear and then to proceed to get into a car at one point and to also ride a bicycle. Both activities- as any woman knows- require care to prevent the exposure of lingerie – especially when one is wearing a short skirt. And most non- celebrity women who ARE wearing underwear, are careful not to get into a situation of “I see London, I see France…”

So Miley, why would you choose to disregard the practicality and general comfort of wearing underwear and leave yourself literally open to being exposed?

It’s not normal. And has learned that your boyfriend Liam Hemsworth is “disgusted” that paparazzi would go to “lengths” to get an upskirt shot.

But Liam, it doesn’t appear that the photogs had to go to any great difficulties to get the shot. Miley made it easy for them.

So what could possibly be behind your exhibitionist behavior? And let’s not forget that Miley ,19, has happily appeared in public braless many times and has also shown off her bras repeatedly.

“She needs attention. She knows what she’s doing is going to be covered in the press,” says Dr. Gilda Carle ,’s 30 Second Therapist.”This kind of behavior indicates that there is definitely something wrong,” says the relationship expert from

Psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere, compares Miley’s no-undies outing to being like “someone getting drunk publicly. It’s just not a pretty thing” and it’s “self destructive behavior,” he says. “Miley is a young woman dealing with a lot of personal issues. You don’t just do something like that especially when you’re trying to build a fan base built on being a role model,” Dr. Gardere, chief contributor for believes.

Of course, Miley has said she doesn’t want to be a role model but unfortunately the commando-loving celebs she’s modelling herself after, hardly make great career models for her.

Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have all been infamous for flashing their bare privates which were barely covered by miniskirts.

Well Miley, you know how well Lindsay and Paris’s careers have gone and Britney went on to have a full-on psychological breakdown, post -privates flashing among other things.

Does Miley think that going without underwear helps to make her a sex symbol? Beverley Hills psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman, thinks she may. “She did it for photographers to get a reaction. Plus, maybe she was upset because she didnt think she was getting enough attention from Liam,” who has been busy promoting Hunger Games.

Whatever the case, Miley, you and Liam need to stop pointing fingers at photographers and ask yourself – whatever possessed you to pass on wearing underwear and make yourself an easy target for photographers who look to take salacious photos for a living? Maybe, you need to talk to someone who can help you with your issues. You’ve got so much going for you – why be so self destructive?

Bonnie Fuller

UPDATE: Miley Goes Without Underwear — AGAIN


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Posted at 11:17 PM on August 2, 2012  

WTF miley cyrus does not need attention you people are giving it to her so calm down and watch with what u say honestly you need to give these people space they’re just as normal as u and i

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Posted at 1:44 AM on April 24, 2012  

uhh seriously people? how can you tell she’s not wearing underwear? She more then likely is.

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Posted at 5:00 AM on April 18, 2012  

i used to be a fan an i went to her concert in vic but now she isnt showing good exsamples and not a good rool modle

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Posted at 9:46 AM on April 14, 2012  

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Posted at 1:56 AM on April 12, 2012  

I think miley should go comandoe every fricken day, I like it that she can express herself in any way that turns her on. Everybody knows shes wanting it in a big way its just a way of saying it. I think she should do a spread in hustler so what. If she wants to be a whore let he!

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Posted at 9:47 AM on April 11, 2012  

I liked miley before, but nowadays I begin hate her. It’s okay that she is adult, but I think she as clever that Don’t make mistakes like that!

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