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Posted Wed, October 13, 2010 10:19am EDT

Bonnie Says: Oops! Miley Cyrus Shows Her Nipples Again!

Miley — what are you thinking AGAIN?

Just days after the Parents Television Council condemned your new video “Who Owns My Heart” as a “sexualized video” that is “unfortunate,” you’re back at it — inappropriately showing off your sexuality.

This time, it’s a no-bra nipple show!

Come on Miley! You are still ONLY 17 years old — you know you’re going out in public in Toluca Lake, Calif., and that paparazzi WILL take your picture. You must WANT the world to see your nips. Are you an exhibitionist or what?

And what’s even weirder, is that your mom and little sister, Noah, were with you! Why didn’t your mom — like any regular mom — tell you to go put a bra on?

“Miley’s at an age where she’s showing her rebellion but it’s clear that she’s got no boundaries, and that’s her parents’ fault!” asserts psychotherapist Dr. Gilda Carle. When parents don’t impose boundaries — tell her that it’s NOT ok to go out showing her nipples — then the child runs how they want to run.”

And there’s a couple of problems with that, Miley, according to Dr. Carle. First of all, you’re mistaking the “shock” attention you’re getting for positive attention. It’s not. It’s giving out the absolutely wrong message to men. “She ‘s teasing boys, and men, into thinking she is ready to do things that she’s not ready to do — emotionally and psychologically,” says Dr. Carle.

Second of all, when your parents don’t give you boundaries, you won’t learn to give yourself boundaries, which you’ll need to do as an adult.

“People need to learn self-discipline, ” says Dr. Carle.

Sadly for you, Miley, your parents are doing you a disservice by even encouraging your oversexualized behavior. You don’t need your parents to be your friends; you need them to say “NO”!

Says Dr. Carle: “It’s like the whole Cyrus family is drunk on fame and fortune!”

— Bonnie Fuller