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Posted Tue, March 15, 2011 5:52pm EDT

Kirstin Says: Is Miley Cyrus The New Lindsay Lohan?

At first she was just pushing the envelope, but it seems Miley Cyrus is falling into the deep end. Is she officially the next Lindsay Lohan?

Miley Cyrus hasn’t exactly had the best year. Starting this time last spring, the 18-year-old former Disney teen queen was breaking out of her image and showing us her new “Can’t Be Tamed” self. At first we thought she was just trying to shed her Hannah Montana roots, but her behavior has consistently become more and more party girl wild child to the point where I have to ask: is Miley the new Lindsay Lohan?

I honestly hope not. However, before you freak out and call me a Miley hater, please consider these uncanny similarities between MiCy and LiLo:

  • Let’s start with the most obvious. Both girls have shared nights at the Chateau Marmont where they both seemed out of sorts. At least Miley still has a house…Lindsay used to live there!
  • Be it salvia or cocaine, both Miley and Lindsay have been caught abusing substances. Sure, Miley’s substance abuse isn’t nearly as serious as Lindsay’s, but she’s also six years her junior.
  • Both Miley and Lindsay crack jokes about uber-serious situations. Miley took underwear pics to poke fun at Amy Winehouse, plus she made fun of her salvia incident on Saturday Night Live. Meanwhile, Lindsay made light of her jewelry theft on Jimmy Kimmel and joked about being in the slammer with Chelsea Handler at the 2010 Video Music Awards.
  • Miley and Lindsay both have momagers. Tish and Dina are moms who manage their daughter’s professional lives while also partying with them and trying to be their best friends. Coincidentally, they both have big blonde hair as well.
  • On the family note, Miley and Lindsay have dad problems. Billy Ray recently admitted he used to try to be Miley’s friend and Lindsay’s dad, Michael, is guilty of the same thing. Both dads started to rely on their daughters’ fame to get attention.
  • Both Miley and Lindsay were child stars — they got their start in the spotlight early on in their lives, which is something experts say can have majorly negative side effects.
  • Miley AND Lindsay come from big families. Lohan has four siblings; Miley has five. Both of them have impressionable younger siblings.
  • This is getting petty, but have you looked at the similarities in Lindsay and Miley’s hair? They both have unfortunate hair extensions.
  • Both girls are triple threats, who started dressing inappropriately at a young age — especially in music videos. Remember Lindsay’s “Rumors” music video? She was hardly wearing anything. It almost compared to Miley’s “Can’t Be Tamed” vid last year.
  • Lastly, both girls have tried girl on girl. (However, Miley was just kissing girls on stage, while Lindsay actually dated one.)

There you have it. 10 uncanny (unbiased) similarities between Miley and Lindsay. I hope Miley has a stronger support system than Lindsay and gets out of this funk before it’s too late. The last thing I want is for Hannah Montana to end up in the slammer.

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