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Posted Thu, February 17, 2011 10:33am EDT

Watch Out Miley Cyrus — John Mayer Will Break Your Heart Just Like He Did To Jen, Taylor & More!

You were spotted kissing John at the Grammys Miley but be warned — Taylor, Jen and Jessica have all be in your position before, and left with a broken heart!

Miley, we know you may have feelings for John and think he will be a great guy — but don’t be fooled! Every girlfriend John seems to have leaves with a broken heart, vowing to never go back to him. Just take a look!

First there was Jennifer Love Hewitt, the girl he dated before he became famous, but she seemed to disappear once he hit the big time. He went from writing “Your Body is a Wonderland” about her to looking for love somewhere else!

He kept it low key for awhile but reappeared in a big way in 2006 when he started a much publicized romance with Jessica Simpson. He left her after about a year but had no problem discussing their love life on a radio show! It may not have been insulting to be called “sexual napalm,” but no one wants the details of their sex life out in public!

After that it was a brief fling with Minka Kelly that barely even registered. She wised up and moved on to her current fiance, Derek Jeter.

Next came Jennifer Aniston, the older woman John seemed to destroy. Reports say Jen did everything she could to get in touch with John after their split, but he just ignored her!

Then there was super sweet Taylor Swift in a relationship so devastating she wrote a song about him! “Dear John” paints a VERY unflattering portrait of the singer.

So wise up Miley — before you become John’s latest victim!