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Posted Tue, May 17, 2011 1:35pm EDT

Miley Cyrus Gets Another Tattoo! When Will She Stop?

While on vacation in Brazil, Miley added a sixth tattoo to her body art collection. Will she regret them when she’s older?

On Sunday, Miley Cyrus and a few members from her production team had a Brazilian tattoo artist come to their hotel room and give them some fresh ink. Six tattoos is a lot for an 18-year-old who got her start as a Disney starlet and we’re starting to wonder if her changing image will have a negative effect on her career.

The tattoo artist, Fabio Satori refused to reveal the exact design that Miley got inked on her right wrist but did say that the starlet asked him to design something that would remind her of a “safe place.”

“Miley told her mother that she wanted something that refers to a safe port, something that reminded her that she always has a safe place to return to. The significance of the design is one of hope and a reminder to always have your feet on the ground.” said Fabio.

We are all for self-expression, but tattoos are a life-long commitment and shouldn’t be a spur of the moment decision. While it may be fun and exhilarating now for Miley to play around with body art, she will have those pieces when she is 50 years old. We’re worried that Miley may be giving young girls the impression that getting tattoos are a fun way to accessorize rather than a permanent alteration to your body. But at least this time she kept her shirt on!

Tell us what you think! Do you think Miley is setting a bad example for her young fans by getting six tattoos while she’s still only eighteen?

Nicole Fukuoka

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