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Posted Thu, September 9, 2010 3:17pm EDT

KIRSTIN SAYS: Not Only Is Charice ‘The Most Talented Girl In The World,’ She’s Also The Shyest!

At Tuesday night’s Glee premiere and afterparty, the 18-year-old singer spent most of the night with her family and close friends – and seemed nervous around everyone else!

I know how much you all love Charice, and after hearing hear rendition of “Listen” from Dreamgirls at the Glee premiere Sept. 7, I’m right there with you! That said, given how popular the 18-year-old international superstar is, I was surprised by how shy and quiet she is for a girl with such a huge voice!

As we walked onto the Paramount Studios lawn for the premiere afterparty, guests clamored to chat with the show’s stars. Even though she was deemed “the most talented girl in the world” by Oprah, Charice seemed unsure of herself and super shy, sticking close to her family and friends for most of the party.

But despite her shyness, Charice was the most approachable celebrity there. When I approached her for a photo she cheerfully agreed, “Of course!” and even waited while we got the camera to work. TOTALLY not a diva!

“You barely come up to my chin!” I said, bending down to be closer to this little 4’11” peanut. She laughed and nodded her head. When my group and I told the pint-sized Filipina actress she was a standout in the premiere episode, she flashed a big smile and said, “Thank you so much!” appreciatively.

Charice continued to wave and smile at us for the rest of the night — as though SHE was the one who was honored to meet us, notthe other way around.

I loved meeting (and supporting) this incredibly talented and down-to-earth celebrity. But now I have one request: Charice, please stay humble…it’s really so refreshing to meet someone without attitude in Hollywood!


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